Roll Out The Tanks For Flames Of War Arab/Israeli Battles

October 4, 2013 by brennon

If you are a big fan of the supplement battleground of the Arab/Israeli War for Flames of War then you will be pleased to know that a whole bunch of tanks are on the way. See what you think of the list below...


M51 Isherman

First up coming on October 5th 2013 we have the Magach and M51 Isherman. Both of these look like amazingly epic tanks right off the block and they are available to the Israeli forces during the fighting.

These tanks were picked up by the Israelis from West Germany, America and France. I love that Magach also means 'Battering Ram', a very fitting name.

T-34-85M Platoon

T-54 or T-55 Platoon

Next up for the Arabs and coming on October 12th 2013 we have the T-34 Tank Platoon and the T-54/55 Platoon ready to roll out and take on those Israeli tanks you saw above. I am certainly a big fan of tanks that look like tanks. It's all well and good having these little nippy things but I like a good ol' fashioned tank with a massive turret to blow stuff up!

Some mega tanks for a mega supplement!