Roll Out The Vietnamese Armour With Flames Of War

March 29, 2013 by brennon

Battlefront are continuing their expansion of the Flames of War Tour of Duty line with a selection of new tanks for your Vietnamese forces. Check out the Ironclad Company, Personnel Carrier Company and Anti-Aircraft Company...

K-1 (T-34 85M) Ironclad Company

BTR-50PK Company

ZSU-57-2 Anti-air Company

Some pretty good looking tanks that would be perfect for laying down heavy covering fire and taking on the US tanks in straight up fights. If you're looking for cover you can also buy some new Battlefield in a Box terrain.

Small Autumn Woods

Large Autumn Woods

Despite it being Spring (although it doesn't feel like it here in the UK) you can now fight in a Autumn Woodland, either Small or Large. I quite like this quick and easy terrain as it allows you to get playing almost instantly on a good looking board.

Will you be grabbing some of these kits for either Flames of War or just general gaming?

Let me know below!