Scout Out The Enemy With Flames Of War Soviet Vehicles

September 18, 2013 by brennon

Towards the tail end of the month there will be another raft of releases for Flames of War and the Soviets have got some interesting new vehicles to add to the mass of metal rolling across the battlefield.

T-38 Scout Tank Company

First up we have the T-38 Scout Tank Company with there tiny little tanks. They were cheap to produce and could even handle themselves in water so perfect for those boggy battlefields. Unfortunately with some very light armour and just one machine gun on the front it was a bit of a deathtrap later on in its serving life.

SU-12 Self-Propelled Gun Battery

Then we move onto the SU-12 Self-Propelled Gun Battery which shows some rather awesome guns mounted on the backs of trucks. These guns saw service at the Battle of Lake Khasan and Battle of Chałchin-Gol during the Soviet-Japanese border wars and also continued to be used later on too.

BA-20 Armoured Car

BA-20 Armoured Car's finish off this look at what's coming towards the end of the month. These armoured cars were used in battlefields and for simply ferrying people around more safely.

Will you be adding these to your Soviet army?