Take To The Skies With FoW’s Arab-Israeli Conflict

January 18, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have more to offer this month than just World War II tanks and tank killers. They are also adding to the Arab-Israeli conflict with the Dassault Ouragan and MiG-17 aircraft to patrol the skies.

Dassault Ouragan


The MiG is the name and the shape that I think is most recognisable to most people and it was one hell of a plane, earning that renown. The Dassault Ouragan is no less a plane however and it was able to be used to dangerous and devastating effect on the enemies of Israel.

These are some quite cool looking planes to use in your games of Flames of War and, once again, it's good to see that they are still supporting this theatre of war.

Which would you pick?