A Sneak Peek at Operation Barbarossa For Flames Of War!

September 19, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Battlefront does it again, with their Flames of War game! This time they give us a sneak peak into the upcoming release of their campaign book Operation Barbarossa.

Operation Barbarossa  cover

Any fan of WWII will know this was Hitler's vision of breaking the armistice with the Soviet Union and making this major attack deep into Russia to conquer the capital of Moscow (obviously Hitler did not learn anything from Napoleon). So now you get a really nice reference book to create your forces whether you are playing the Germans or the Russians in this classic struggle to see who will be the victor.

Barbarossa German Lists 1

Barbarossa German List 2

Along with this upcoming release you will see some nice new miniatures that will compliment this time period in the early stages of WWII. I also like the inclusion of air support to add to the realism of the game and the lists look inclusive to give you the huge mass of equipment that was used in this invasion.

Barbarossa Russian Lists 1

Barbarossa Russian List 2

Honestly, I have not given much thought to playing this theater of the war, but I might just have to take the plunge.

Will you lead the charge into enemy territory or defend against the invading horde?

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