Blow Up Stalingrad With Battlefront’s New Flames Of War Terrain

September 20, 2018 by brennon

You saw us build a rather epic Stalingrad Tabletop hopefully this week (check the video out Backstage). If you want to change things up a bit then Battlefront has now released a new set of buildings which you could use to reproduce the levelled city of Stalingrad in Flames Of War.

Brick Factory - Flames Of War

We start with this Brick Factory which doesn't look like it has taken too much of a battering just yet. It comes with the ability to take the top off and play around inside it with your infantry if you like but over time it is no doubt going to get turned into the Destroyed Brick Factory.

Destroyed Brick Factory - Flames Of war

You just know that you're going to have to play around with this in the middle of games, taking off the top layer of the building when an artillery strike goes wide of the mark. You might have seen Lloyd and John made some rubble mix to throw into these buildings, adding a sense of drama to proceedings, but if that sounds like too much work Battlefront has also designed these Stalingrad Rubble Piles.

Stalingrad Rubble Piles - Flames Of War

There are some larger and smaller Rubble Piles which can be used to mark when a building has completely collapsed perhaps. You could also dot these around to make it harder for tanks to get into the action, making them decide about the risk and reward of an endeavour.

Lastly, for the factories themselves, we have this Destroyed Factory Ground Floor which could be used when something has been hammered utterly into submission. This is what you'd get in the aftermath of your battle.

Destroyed Factory Ground Floor - Flames Of War

If you want something to add some height to your gaming table then they have also designed a set of Factory Chimneys as well.

Factory Chimneys - Flames Of War

These larger stacks help give a sense of scale to the tabletop, drawing your eye up and maybe even offering up a chance for a sniper to take roost in the collapsed top section.

Having a bit of verticality on the tabletop is key as it not only looks great but gives a sense of daunting scale to the whole affair as well.

What do you think of these new terrain options?