Tanks & Defensive Guns Make Up Flames Of War September Releases

September 3, 2018 by brennon

A range of new releases is dropping during September for those pursuing the unfolding story in Flames Of War. The Stalingrad Starter Set (view our Unboxing HERE) features the Germans clashing with the Soviets and each side is in need of reinforcements.

Valentine Tank Company - Flames Of War

We lead the way with the Soviet releases which are out right now for collectors. There are there three different tank sets starting with the Valentine Tank Company and followed by the M3 Lee Tank Company...

M3 Lee Tank Company - Flames Of War

...and the M3 Stuart Tank Company.

M3 Stuart Tank Company - Flames Of War

You might recognise a lot of these names but indeed see them presented here in a very different setting. That's because a lot of these tanks were shipped over to the Soviets by the British and Americans so that they could mount a concentrated attack on the Germans in Eastern Europe.

It isn't all just tanks though as the Soviets also have the 122mm Artillery Battery to fall back on as well if they need to punch a hole in some German armour.

122mm Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

All of the sets are in plastic which is a nice little bonus and give you a quick and easy way to get stuck into bigger games of Flames Of War. City-wide clashes between armoured companies should lead to some very interesting and tightly fought games.

Dug In Defenders

The Germans are not without their defences, however. They can call in some hefty defence in the form of two different Tank Hunter Platoons. The first is the 3.7cm Tank-Hunter Platoon...

3.7cm Tank-Hunter Platoon - Flames Of War

...and this is followed up by the slightly more dangerous 7.5cm Tank-Hunter Platoon.

7.5cm Tank-Hunter Platoon - Flames Of War7.5cm Tank-Hunter Platoon - Flames Of War

The smaller 3.7cm guns were quick to move around and good for harrying the enemy whilst they could also be loaded with the new stielgranate (stick grenade) ammo if needed.

The larger guns presented the enemy with a very low profile making them perfect for ambushing tanks on the move and the lightweight frame meant that if needed the troops could wheel it along to a better firing position without too much effort.

Watching the skies the Germans also have the 8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon.

8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon - Flames Of War

When you're being attacked from all sides it pays to have some big guns pointed at the skies to put a few holes in bombers and the like.

These German releases are going to be available around the middle of September so you will have a few weeks to wait yet on these. Keep an eye out for more though!

Have you dived into this new expansion content for Flames Of War?

"...they could also be loaded with the new stielgranate (stick grenade) ammo if needed!"

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