Tanks & A Motorised Platoon Ready For FoW Action

October 31, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War has more to come as the beginning of November begins to roll around. First up let's take a look at some tanks with the Sho't and AMX rolling to provide some armoured support.

Sho’t Tanks

AMX Light Tank

The Sho't might sound like a name given to a tank from a sci-fi background but it's actually the code name given to the Centurion tanks that ended up in the employ of the Israelis. They were viewed at first as unreliable but this turned out to be due to the way they were maintained.

The AMX is a tank supplied to Israel by the French and is based on the Sherman design with a gun that was as powerful as that of a Panther. It played more of a reconnaissance role during the conflict.

M3 Halftrack Stowage Bitz

If you'd like to give your army a lived in feeling then the Halftrack Stowage set might be good for helping with that. However to keep things themed on their recent theater of war they have tailored it to be specific to an Israeli kit. I'm sure bags are bags however and they would work on any vehicle.

Ch'ir Mamochan (Moterised) Platoon

If you want some infantry support to help your tanks then you might want to take a look at the Ch'ir Mamochan Motorised Platoon. This heavy duty squad comes with mortars, anti-tank weaponry and machine guns for dealing with anyone who might try and pop up to attack your position.

That's a fairly good selection for this weekend and the next!