Whiz-bangs & Gebirgsjäger Round Off Flames Of War May

May 23, 2014 by brennon

A whole bunch more goodies are on the way for the end of May thanks to Flames of War. We'll kick things off with the Panzergrenadier Company HQ Plastic Set and a whole host of Gebirgsjäger kits...

Panzergrenadier Company HQ

First up is the plastic kit which comes with command sprue, crew and of course the Half-track itself. This looks like a great mechanised choice for your German force and the plastic kit looks brilliant.

Gebirgsjäger Heavy Mortar Platoon

Gebirgsjäger Artillery Group

Gebirgsjäger Anti-tank Group

Running along in front of the Panzergrenadier Command we have the Gebirgsjäger which have a Heavy Mortar, Anti-Tank, and Artillery Group on offer to help bolster your force and bring some heavy firepower down onto the tabletop. I'm very impressed with these little metal figures.

10.5cm GebH40 Gun

The Gebirgsjäger are not finished however as they also have this 10.5cm GebH40 Gun to use too...

"Featuring light-weight metal alloy wheels that were positioned to minimise the space required when deploying the gun into a firing position. Finally the gun could be towed into position fully-assembled or broken down and transported via Sd Kfz 2 Kettenkrad or pack mules."

M17 Whiz-Bang

D7 Bulldozer

The Americans are also bringing some vehicles to the field however in the form of the awesome Whiz-Bang and this chunky looking Bulldozer for clearing away minefields and all sorts of defences. Of course that can be putting up defences as well. The Whiz-Bang is awesome in Company of Heroes and I bet it's great on the tabletop too.

Sergeant Tommy Prince

Last but not least we have this figure for Sergeant Tommy Prince. Prince was on solo watch monitoring German communications and watching their activity on his own. When the communication lines were broken he even donned civilian clothing, disguised himself as a farmer and in full view of the Germans walked over and repaired it, pretending to tie his shoelaces!

Thanks to his bravery and constant vigilance four German positions were destroyed. He even went behind enemy lines and was able to work on capturing over 1000 German Soldiers for his unit!

Some great options for Flames of War!

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