Wrap Your Russians Up For Winter In Flames Of War

September 21, 2013 by brennon

So not long ago we had a look at the new tanks that are coming at the end of the month for the Russians as they fight the Japanese. You can't have a tank advance in Flames of War without some troops to support it so check out the Strelkovy Company ready to do just that...

Strelkovy Company

This Strelkovy Company set comes with a battalion of troops ready to fall to your command Komissar. These tough and incredibly loyal soldiers were pushed forwards by the fear of the Gulag leading to a selection of soldiers who were unafraid of the hardships of campaign.

Flame-thrower Platoon


If you'd like to help out your infantry with some special weapons then you can take a look at adding in some Flame-throwers and Sappers for the long winter campaigns. Just don't let your men burn all the flame-thrower fuel on the fires to keep warm.

These could indeed help with flushing out enemy positions and clearing the way as your men advance.

Are you a Russian player?