Check Out Warpod: The Battle Of Junker Forge On Kickstarter

September 27, 2017 by brennon

The folks from Flaytrap Factory are now on Kickstarter with their project for Warpod: The Battle of Junker Forge, which brings together a whole host of awesome mechanical fighters.


The game is set for two players to get stuck into some awesome Sci-Fi skirmishing with rules that have been developed for both veteran gamers and those just starting out. It also comes with these awesome robots!

White Metal Jacket Rigger Patrol

The aim of the Kickstarter is to finish off the remainder of the sculpts and get to work on the game proper and build the Warpod rulebook. Of course to make that a reality they have plenty of awesome models to show off and add to your pledge to create some cool armies for the Riggers and the Clankers.

Weapon Brick

Individual 'bricks' can be bought into play using a selection of their add-ons and such with special weapons, additional troops and even some big tanks too!

Combat Brick

Crab Assault Crate Brick

You can delve into more of the background and the model selection for this campaign over on their page and find out whether or not the world of Warpod is for you.

As something entirely different from many other games out there in terms of its style and looks this could well be a game to take a closer look at.

Will you be taking a peek at Warpod?

"...create some cool armies for the Riggers and the Clankers"

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