Take To The Skies With Flytrap’s Grot Airship Krew

October 3, 2016 by brennon

Flytrap Factory has taken to Kickstarter to fund a range of characterful Grots for you to use in your Sci-Fi games. Here we have the Black Toofed Rebellion ready for a sky-faring adventure...

The Grot Rebellion

The entire collection offers you seven different characters which you can use for your airship crew or indeed any crew you like. I do like the idea of them clambering all over aircraft though, even when they're flying.

Bomber Pilot

The sculpts are nicely characterful and all fit in with existing 28mm scale ranges so you'd have no problem using these in Warhammer 40,000 for example.

This chap with the big mechanical claw caught my attention. I like to think he maybe lost it in a rotor blade accident only to fashion himself a new one.

Bomber Krew Mekanik

Maybe he anticipated the loss of his arm and so planned ahead by building one beforehand!

One of the additional options for you to use are the Squidges with their big open jaws ready to swallow you whole. It would be funny to fluff them as effectively the trash compactors of the Goblin world. Whatever they don't need they chuck into the mouths of Squidges!

Guard Squidges

I like a lot of the work that Flytrap Factory do as it's tied towards characterful models that feel like they have a purpose on the tabletop.

I'd love to see the dioramas people could build using these guys!

What do you think?

"Maybe he anticipated the loss of his arm and so planned ahead by building one beforehand!"

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