Foam Brain Dice Brings Metal Dice To the Table

January 12, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Since gamers love all things shiny, it only stands to reason that shiny dice would be the way to go!

FBD big die

If you play games, odds are that dice are involved at some point and there's nothing better than breaking out a new, special set of dice! Now you can do just that with the latest Kickstarter from Foam Brain Dice, Foam Brain Dice: Metals II.

FBD gold

They are back to Kickstarter with their quality dice and they have a few new color choices: Antiqued Brass, Antiqued Silver and Nickel Black. You can get these in complete sets as well as with a larger, sequential D20- for all those gamers requiring life counters.

FBD silver

Will your rolls be more favorable with shiny dice?

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