Inter-War Ladies & Gentlemen Take Up Arms With Footsore Miniatures

July 7, 2017 by brennon

Some more Inter-War Characters have been sculpted up by the folks at Footsore Miniatures for all of your alternative history action on the tabletop. Both men and women are taking up arms!

Inter War Ladies #1

First off we have the ladies who have picked up whatever weapons they can find and are joining the fight. They have also decided to make sure they still look good while doing it.

Inter War Ladies #2

Some other ladies, maybe of the younger generation have also taken up arms and been a little more practical with their attire. I love these models, ad-hoc pieces of armour just thrown together from household items. It really lends these models and this new take on the period an interesting twist.

The men are also joining the fighting as both the young and the old band together to repel the Germans and get mixed up in all sorts of inter-faction fighting.

Inter War Men #1

It's nice to see more of these men from the farms and factories coming out to join the collection. That fellow with the bandana has managed to get his hands on a flamethrower! The other chap either has a picnic or it's packed with grenades.

Inter War Men #2

What do you make of these characterful new additions to the range from the folks at Footsore Miniatures?

Drop your comments below on what else you'd like to see...

"The other chap either has a picnic or it's packed with grenades..."

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