New Irish Elite Hearthguard From Footsore Miniatures

December 9, 2017 by thisisazrael

Despite having a huge hype train rolling right now for Gangs of Rome, Footsore Miniatures has still found time to produce some awesome new Irish Fianna.

Footsore Miniatures Irish Fianna Set 1

"The Fianna were made up of the biggest and best warriors in later Irish armies. They wielded a variety of hand weapons of high quality due to their status."

Footsore Miniatures Irish Fianna Set 2

"Though the Fianna would have been wealthy in terms of Irish society, armour was very rare and the vast majority would have fought without it."

Each set up Irish elite Hearthguard warriors contains four metal miniatures and it's worth noting that spear banners and bases are not supplied.

Will you be painting yourself up a mini Gerry (@Avernos)?

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