Musketeer Evolves Into Footsore Miniatures With Teasers Too!

October 9, 2014 by brennon

Donald Hauser, Andrew Chesney, and Bill Thornhill have begun the transition from Musketeer Miniatures into Footsore Miniatures with a few details about the change HERE. They've also opened up their new webstore and teased a few upcoming sculpts as well!

Footsore Miniatures

Here's what they had to say...

"Footsore Miniatures is a new venture based in both the USA and the UK. We three friends, Donald Hauser (USA), Andrew Chesney (UK) and Bill Thornhill (USA) are joint owners and all of us are passionate about our hobby (Don so much so that we keep him medicated when new figures are shown for the first time). We aim to bring you the very finest in Historical and Collectible figures and make them available around the world."

...and I can't wait to see what they come up with. They're certain kicking things off with a step in the right direction if these work-in-progress sculpts are anything to go by.

Irish Heroes


Irish Warriors #1

Irish Warriors #2

First up we have some additions to their Irish line-up that would be just grand for those of you wanting to make a warband in SAGA. I particularly like their Heroes at the top sporting some very impressive facial hair (as is the way with all things SAGA!).

Saxon Warlord & Bannerman

Back in Albion we have some more Saxons for you to enjoy too. In full chainmail and with some surly looks about them these would be rather cool for both Arthurian and later Dark Age gaming I reckon. Big fan of large axes and cloaks so a winner there.

All the best to Footsore Miniatures going forward!

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