Norman Crossbowmen Pick Off Saxons From Footsore

November 22, 2017 by brennon

Bringing their newfangled weapons to bear against the Anglo-Saxons, we have some of the Norman Crossbowmen from Footsore Miniatures that will be ready for sale in 2018.

Footsore Norman Crossbowmen #1

You'll have seen this first set when they were WiP models but now they've been finished off and gone through the metal casting process. They are looking, as you might imagine from Footsore, pretty awesome and full of character considering they're just footsloggers.

You can see another crop of the models which will bring you up to a nice round eight wearing more of the padded armour that you might have been lucky to get your hands on during the period.

Footsore Norman Crossbowmen #2

The crossbow was quite a deadly weapon, offering up a significantly weightier hit when it collided with the enemy. It was certainly going to make someone hurt if they were hit by it, and it would probably do a number on your shield too if hit in the right place.

Will you be joining the Normans in their invasion during 2018?

"The crossbow was quite a deadly weapon..."

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