Footsore Working On New Normans For Dark Age Gaming

September 18, 2017 by brennon

Footsore Miniatures has shown off some of the sculpts they're working on for their Norman forces which will be hitting the tabletop in the near future.

Normans #1

Here we can see some armoured version of the Norman soldier with their trademark helmets and then some without the safety of a suit of chainmail.

Normans #2

So, immediately it looks like we're going to be getting two sets of models at the very least. It will be awesome to see what they do for the Warlords and mounted options as well going forward.

Footsore also do some exceptional work on facial details and you can see the yelling faces of these soldiers very clearly in these early looks at the models.

What do you think about a new Norman force?

"Footsore also do some exceptional work on facial details..."

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