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    We can remain open until wednesday at 2200hrs. Plenty of time to get things finished if you need it…

    Some mooziks that I selected just for you:

    This is an album I found at a car boot sale. Bought it for £2 in spotless condition too. Brilliant bit of storytelling.

    A great song if you think we might evolve! I also think it is a fantastic song.




    Hurray, Sunday is over…. :S

    But I got a little more painting done.




    I do remember vinyl and VCR … we never had either of those at home. Never was into music as a kid, until I got my own cd-player. Then I got one of the first portable harddisk mp3 players (Creative Nomad) and converted all cd’s to .ogg. I’ve been in the habit of converting cd’s to either mp3 or .ogg vorbis format ever since.

    My dad did have one of those giant reel to reel tape recorders (is that a name?). Think of them as cassette players with giant 10 cm wheels and no cassettes.
    He used them to record the audio of tv-shows with a microphone, so we had to be real quiet.

    First homecomputer (a Philips VG8020) was connected to our black&white tv …  even though colour tv’s did exist at that time. I think kids these days don’t appreciate how fast technology evolved during our time.

    Too late to hobby, need sleep. I do hope I get them ork boys done this week.



    @limburger you mean “reel to reel player”



    @sundancer – I love the wall sections! 100pts. I hope you will be decorating them? I probably was a recorder. They usually had microphone jacks. I would have loved one of those beasts.

    @limburger – I knew someone who just wasn’t into music at all. Never understood that. To me it is like not liking bread.

    I used to record things from the TV. The Young Ones, Not the Nine O’Clock News, and stuff like that. You would often hear a door opening or my grandfather stoking the kitchen fire!

    We got out first colour TV when I was 9. Then again, my grandparents had an outdoor dunny until I was 12.

    You have a few days to finish those Orks or just keep them for next week. Sleep tight.




    @unclejimmy I used to consider music ‘background noise’ that I would mute the moment I had to learn stuff for school.
    I couldn’t name a single artist on the radio.

    These days I like to listen to a good cd with my eyes closed.
    Which reminds me that I need to track down ‘war of the worlds’ cd set.

    btw : Did anyone see that new Ork walker that GW is going to release ?
    For some reason it’s listed as a spacemarine vehicle … I think I need to find a good source of plasticard.



    Back from lunch and a bit of poking around at vegetable stands. It’s been a harsh year; I can count the times it’s rained on one hand, and even then it hasn’t been substantial. We usually chase storms as well, but haven’t had any this year… scary.

    @unclejimmy that’s some great cam on the Marder… unless it goes into town! Moving bushes attract attention. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be an offensive weapon.

    While we’re on the subjective of ‘offensive’ weapons, that may be the ugliest technical I’ve ever seen! It almost looks like someone deliberately built it (rather than it being a failed genetic mutation), as there’s a certain functionality with all the handrails and such on the back end… but the front? Maybe it’s a billboard ambush technical, lurking at the side of the highway, with some sort of ‘Allahu Akbar’ message plastered across the front.

    It’s always easy to laugh at that kind of stuff until that ungainly 14.5mm, 23mm, or 37mm gets pointed in your direction.

    Weird to see Americans running around in captured Hanamogs. I’m used to seeing every man with his own M3. More likely to see UK or Commonwealth troops in something like that.

    Looks like the puggies are having a blast at the beach. Is the water there warm enough to swim in?

    Where is that model from, the one that looks like the love child of a Russian crewman and an NHL goalie?

    @tuffyears nothing like game books arriving in the mail! It’s always exciting to be the first to crack the spine and take in that ‘new ink smell’.

    @robert I think you need to get your Nurgles fixed – they’re multiplying! Great job. You should definitely get the iron man award as well. You’ve accomplished more than all of us combined already.

    Also, that Nurgle guy is amazing! Do you have a pic of the front? Will you be finishing him today?

    Quite the impressive music collection. Mine is collecting dust. Every time I think I should get rid of it to save space I imagine a post-apocalyptic world where my standalone PC/DVD player is running on a solar powered battery, or worse, on some sort of hamster wheel I have to operate to listen to my favourite tunes.

    @rayzryr that’s a fantastic pic of your daughter fishing, with the rainbow in the background. It can make one forget about all the ugliness that’s out there.

    @woldenspoons you’ve got a cute bestiary. Is that pic of the beach near to where you live? It’s beautiful.

    @limburger you should always give yourself a reason to buy more orcs!

    @sundancer great progress on your buildings.



    It was an early start with those bloody Seagulls flapping about the place. Nevermind.

    @limburger – I am strating to worry about you! 100pts. Music as background. I couldn’t name a single on the radio either…not today. Not unless there is a station called Dinosaur FM! I tend not to listen to ‘music’ radio, but more ‘talk-show’ type things, radio drama/comedy, and weirdo lectures.

    What kind of person does not have a copy of WotW? I think you need prayer. 200pts.

    You don’t need plasticard, but a you need to play a game that doesn’t rob you blind! Wacoshop are thieves. The new store uniform is a stripey jumper and a mask! At least you wouldn’t feel so bad about handing over all that money.

    @ceppie – the water is so cold it cannot freeze! You can swim in it if you are Rambo…it’s the North of England.

    The Russian tank guy is from Westwind. They make SotTR as well as a really awesome Victorian horror game.



    Been working away on these guys today.




    I feel like I want to go through and tidy up the highlights. My current Fine brush has a habit of splitting if I don’t rinse it between every mini. Frustrating.

    Replies soon, I just want to push on with this batch. I can see the end getting close.



    That’s a Dark Angels green if i ever saw one. Nice one @rayzryr



    @ceppie below is the view from the front… reckon I have a few more hours at it lol  Want to buy the bigger plastic one now but have too many other things to build and paint at the moment.


    @rayzryr  I do like those heretics… or I mean Dark Angels.  I might be telling you something you already know but you might be able to extend the life of your brush with some tender love and care.  Give it a good wash in soap.  Any type of hard soap (liquid might work, I’ve never tried) but if you have actual brush soap, all the better (not sure it is any different to be honest).  After a good clean, shape your brush with a little soap and leave it for a while perhaps even over night.  Wash the soap out the next time you go to paint and fingers crossed!

    Anyway, been building more Panzers instead of painting them!  Spent too long converting and messing with the side armour.  These will be a bit more beaten up than the others.




    Because you all asked..

    Fat cat is called Captain Scissors.

    Fat dog is called Aya Bonbaya.

    Aya is part corgi and the side eye is a breed trait. Sly as a fox that one.

    Captain Scissors is 10 but still acts like a kitten crossed with a really old dribbling grumpy man.



    @woldenspoons  cats tend to do that until their very end… those silly furballs…  🙂



    Very late for this weekender! I’ve mostly been carrying on with my buildings:


    I’m finishing up the big boy tonight, then I’m on to the americana shops. (and if i can fit it in some moderns painting) (and one ruined building) – hopefully this gives the stuff i need for my new project to arrive so i can start that hopefully in a couple of weeks.

    @unclejimmy those terrain pieces look great!
    @sundancer those are some majestic pictures!
    @robert not lying a little bit jealous of your cake… been looking at your projects the nurgle force is looking great

    some of those ‘hidden’ tanks are brilliant

    @rayzryr those space marines are looking good

    1. I went through a phase of buying albums purely on the front cover, this started a very ecclectic mix for me from
    In Flames:

    spaceman 3

    and eluveitie (whats that some of your songs are sung in the celtic language? im sold.)

    and this was an album i bought after seeing them live as a opening act at a gig. weirdest experience ever.. I mainly bought it because people wouldn’t believe me.

    weirdly this weekend was mostly taken up by throwing away old stuff in my parents garage, came across 4 boxes of my cd collection – filled alot with ‘artwork buys’

    there were others which were not so good. Mainly they weren’t that good and I learnt the lesson that any old band can hire a badass artist to do a front cover haha.


    2. A time machine question: you have any/all resources possible – what era, or specific year, do you move into? No coming back either. Why then?

    I would go to a time which is a now a who dunnit? eg: dallas for the JFK assassination (was anyone in the dallas book depository etc) / or jack the ripper territory to see again who it was.

    3. I’ll have a look in my phone as i am at work and bring these in later!

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    @unclejimmy oh I should show you a pic of Gerry in the sun.


    I like coffee… 🙁 😛 But I have Italian heritage, so it’s just expected that you drink coffee. And wine. No, I can’t speak the language, and I’ve not been yet. Both situations I intend to rectify before my grandmother passes. At least the language.
    Though I feel like I get where you’re coming from about the coffee…
    Astroneer sounds like an interesting game, I might have to give it a try. I’ve got Steam, since I’ve been a fan of Half-Life since day dot. Now that’s a game that could do with a table-top version!
    I don’t know anything about any pork scratchings that any pugs may or may not have got their little doggy chops around.
    I’ll stick with the cold, thanks… but it did meant that I missed out on tonights DnD session. Does Jamie play regularly? We always try and meet every Monday fortnight.
    “I want Candy” of course, yes that was the one. She was 15 then?!?

    I gotta say, I tend to agree with your notion of society and evolution.

    Yeah the Greek thinkers might have invented “it”, but the Romans introduced it to women! Haha!

    @woldenspoons well! Excuse Ms Swift!

    @limburger Ah well, rules were made to be broken.
    Similar to @limburger yeah, we still have a major retailer that stocks cds and vinyl. Even better is that they’re the sister company of my employers, so I can get staff price on all that stuff.
    Their best customers for LP’s are the staff.
    Cool, a bit of Dok’s work on ya Nob eh?
    I had casette tapes, then CD’s. My parent had LP’s, then the kids wanted them so they could be DJ’s…

    @ceppie very nice payment! I’d still like to get a set of those gates as well. But they’re low on The List.
    It was indeed a little bit of time that put the troubles of the world away from one’s mind for a while.

    @robert nice collection! Alphabetical order by album name, band or other?
    That Great Unclean One is gross, I love it!
    Hehehe, everyone jokes that the Dark Angels are heretics. I know the truth: they aren’t loyal or heretic. They hate everyone!
    I never presume to know everything about anything, so advice is always welcome! I have a liquid brush soap. The one youtube video I could find on how to use it didn’t say anything about leaving overnight, so I’ll give that a go. Thank you!

    @sundancer the buildings are coming on well. Thanks for the kind words on my DA Green. The official scheme was never dark enough for me.

    @skiptotheend cheers!

    Music while painting:

    And these guys are pretty well done. They need squad markings, for which I’ll use transfers. But that can wait until this whole batch is ready for that step.



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