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    Email received Saturday morning at 1005, that the limited edition Chaos codex was up, as was the Mortartion book (I went to university with David Annandale, he was writing his MA when I was doing my BA).

    1026, I clicked through.


    ALL SOLD OUT. so 2500 copies of Mortarion and (?) copies of the nicer chaos book, in 21 MINUTES?

    Angry emails sent, no response.

    anyone want to swap for something, let me know.

    angry in Canada, eh.



    ALSO: MkIII Heresy Marines, and Horus the Primarch… no restock ? GW, I just came back after a decade break – I’m not impressed.



    Well that’s one of the problems with GW’s limited stuff. But 2500 copies for the whole world is not much, the people that want it were probably trying to get that stuff from 1000 onward.

    And on the german webstore and Forgeworld Horus is still available.The MKIII are sold out hough, but a restock will surely come.


    But yes GW’s preorder for limited stuff isn’t the best.



    Really sorry you had to be on the receiving end of this. Most have learned the hard way, but you should NEVER, and I mean NEVER try to stay up until the last minute for a Games Workshop preorder, especially a limited edition, since the scalpers will be there before you and will snap up every copy they have to price-gouge on ebay later. It’s best to let those preorders slide on past, since only the scalpers and die-hard fans will be after them, and you can then pick up mass-market restocks at a later date or get the books virtually from a site like Wahapedia without spending a dime.

    FOMO is a cruel mistress and it hits every hobbyist at least once, so we all can sympathize with your anger and frustration. This is why so many have moved on from GW to Battletech, Mantic, Privateer Press, and other IPs.


    Cult of Games Member

    yeah … when GW sells “limited editions” they’re generally gone before you can pre-order them.

    And to be honest … the fancy covers for the codexes don’t exactly scream “buy me”. I’d rather have an A1 sized poster of the cover instead of paying silly money for a codex that will be out-of-date the moment it is printed anyway.



    screw the scalpers then. And “limited edition”.

    Pretty much what I thought – the grabbing money  types screw the average of us.

    A book is just a book; I shouldn’t complain – I’ve had a good collection before, and eBay sold. I did more than ok on the “rares”.

    cheers all


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