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28 mm Madcat

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    Armed Painter just did a new Youtube video. He show off his bosses 28mm Marauder kit. He also shows off a 28 mm Madcat that he was given to paint up.  As far as I know this is the first time a 28 mm Madcat from Catalyst has been mentioned let alone video.  He also said that the game at was classic not destiny at Kerenskycon.  It seems more likely that 28 mm mechs are going to be  a thing.  Personally I think they might produce them because of the issues with China. Since they said their is no manufactures that can produce the plastics in the U.S..  I think that it is possible they will make produce them in the United States because it is relatively easy to cast resin models.


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    You already did a topic on this. Have you forgotten? 😉

    Massive Battletech News Dump


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