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    The only ACW game I’ve played was Regimental Fire and Fury and it was great. The Scenario books are full of well researched scenarios and the rules themselves are solid. We played it in 28mm on 40mm bases so the basing was a little off but it worked.

    @smithsco yep that’ll pretty much kill a game dead.

    For Napoleonics I’ve used (and once I get these British finished hope to go back to using) Napoleon at War.

    Divisional Level, 6 bases per unit of infantry, 4 for Cavalry and guns vary from 3 for British, 4 for French and 6 for Russians.

    In NaW Cavalry aren’t the sledgehammers that can just charge infantry and wipe them out they’re more like area denial weapons that have a bubble around them that makes doing anything complex near them very difficult because men don’t really want to form a Column of March with a Squadron of enemy Hussars nearby.

    The first project I ever did was about building a French Division for the Game, I really should update it with all the finished stuff but there’s plenty in there about Napoleon at War if you’re interested. The game also has a points system which is great for the first one or two games just to make sure you like the system before diving in to more historical scenarios.

    Elessar2590’s Grande Armee Project



    @elessar2590 I remember following your project when you put it up.  Napoleon at War sounds like an excellent system.  I’m going to have to look into it some more.  Thanks for the tip!


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    “… if we can convince the British players that Loyalist Milita DID exist and they really need to get some …”

    Hmm … if you ever need help convincing British players about Loyalist militia, ask them to got to OTT and talk to a guy named ORISKANY … who is “named after” the Battle of ORISKANY … where the entire Crown force was New York Loyalist Militia and Crown-loyal Iroquois Native Americans.

    Seriously, at least a third the Crown forces in the American Revolution were militia, especially in the northern and southern theaters.  Not so much in the central theater, where the British bulked out their forces with Crown Germans like Hessians instead.  Hell, in the southern theater the Loyalists might have made up HALF  the “British” force.


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    Although guilty of getting off topic on this thread myself,maybe we should get back to recommending ACW rulesets



    Longstreet are superb ACW rules with a great campaign system.

    Playing the ACW version of Over the Hills at present – Over Malvern Hill.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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