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Advice: 1:8 Scale Apollo Astronaut

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    Hi all,

    So my brother bought me the Revel 1:8 scale Apollo astronaut model for Christmas. It’s not a model I would have chosen for myself but I like to get it painted up to show my appreciation! 😀

    I’m struggling on where to even start. I’ve never painted anything at this scale and obviously it’s going to contain a lot of white – which is a bugger to paint at the best of times. I’m thinking of priming it up in a grey, maybe airbrushing or spraying white or lighter greys up to white (probably spray to save cost on paint!). Then maybe using some of the Grey or black Ageing spray. But like I say I’m not sure where to start – so any advice on tackling this would be greatly appreciated!



    Cult of Games Member

    Tamyia panel line enamel (in grey maybe) could be your friend.

    I bought some after Xmas for Space Marines – they make panel lining an absolute doddle!



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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