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Atomic Mass Games – Ministravaganza 2024

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    [Initial rant]

    How bad can you be with your own homepage? AMG: Yes! AAARGH


    So on the 22nd June they posted the date for the event on facepage. On the 25th they published the time table/running order on facepage. Only at the 26th they put it up on their homepage and *only* in the transmission section. If you go to their homepage and navigate the menu “events” – “ministravaganza” you’ll get the 2023 event.

    AMG is terrible at this. Anyhow, here is what they have planned:

    Thursday July 18, 2024

    Opening Ceremony – 9AM PT
    Join Head of Studio Simone Elliott and Director of Product Development Will Shick as they kick off the show and let you know a little bit about what is in store and how you can keep up with all of the announcements, chat with the community, and participate in #ministravminis challenges.

    Star Wars™: Shatterpoint Road Map 9:30AM PT
    Learn what’s in store for Star Wars: Shatterpoint and see our estimated timeline for when products are coming to your local game store!

    Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Battle Colors: No Disintegrations – 10:30AM PT
    Join Creative Director Dallas Kemp as he shows off and paints an upcoming Star Wars: Shatterpoint release.

    Star Wars: Legion – War Table: New Battle Orders – 1:30PM PT
    Join our development team and they discuss the thought process behind some of our upcoming plans for Star Wars: Legion.

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Hobby Room: Dark Future – 3PM PT
    The Dark Future is coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Dig into some of this epic new terrain with Dallas.

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Survival of the Fittest – 4PM PT
    Alongside the Dark Future comes Apocalypse himself – and our development team is ready to spill the beans on what they have planned for the experience!

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Hobby Room: The First One – 5PM PT
    Dallas takes Apocalypse from stats to sinister. The hobby stream starts now!

    5 Years From the Founding Five – 6:30PM PT
    Take a look back at our first five years as Atomic Mass Games with those who were there in this round table discussion with Will Shick, Dallas Kemp, Will Pagani, Marco Segovia, and Simone Elliott.

    Friday July 19, 2024

    Star Wars: Legion Road Map – 9AM PT
    Learn what we have planned for Star Wars: Legion and see our estimated timeline for when products are coming to your local game store.

    Star Wars: Legion – Battle Colors: Imperial Enforcement – 10AM PT
    Dallas takes his brush to the Imperial Riot Control Squad!

    5 Year Visual Design Retrospective – 12:30PM PT
    Join Will Shick, Josh Colon, Simone Elliott, and Dallas Kemp as they explore the development of our approach to visual design in this round table discussion of the visual history of Atomic Mass Games.

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol – War Table: Creating Team Tactics – 1:30PM PT
    From mechanics to art, Team Tactics cards bring a lot to your Marvel: Crisis Protocol experience.This panel will dive into their design and development!

    Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Battle Colors: What Have We Here? 2:30PM PT
    Dallas brings one of the galaxy’s best smooth talkers to life in this hobby stream.

    Star Wars: Shatterpoint – War Table: Key Operations – 4PM PT
    Something new is coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint and we are going to tell you all about it!

    Star Wars: Legion – Battle Colors – Outer Rim Battles – 5PM PT
    It’s been a long time coming and we are so excited to bring new terrain to Star Wars: Legion! Join Dallas as he tackles it.

    Saturday July 20, 2024

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol Road Map – 9AM PT
    Learn what we have planned for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and see our estimated timeline for when products are coming to your local game store.

    Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Hobby Room: It’s a Brand New Day – 10AM PT
    We showed Mephisto off at Adepticon and now it’s time for Dallas to put paint to plastic and bring this perennial villain to life!

    Star Wars: Legion – War Table: Theaters of War – 12:30PM PT
    From Special Ops to new ways to engage in full scale battle, join us for a look at some of the newest experiences being added to Star Wars: Legion

    Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Battle Colors: Walking the Path of the Mandalore – 1:30PM PT
    The Armorer and her Mandalorian Covert are coming to Star Wars: Shatterpoint and Dallas will be giving you a first look at the hobby experience in this stream.

    5 Years of Development Retrospective – 3PM PT
    Join Will Shick, Will Pagani, and Simone Elliott for a roundtable discussion of the history and evolution of AMG’s game design and development.

    Star Wars: Legion – Battle Colors: Undercover Agents – 4PM PT
    The upcoming Rebel Sleeper Cell is coming out of hiding and hopping onto Dallas’ hobby table!

    Ministravaganza Closing Ceremonies – 5:30PM PT
    Come wrap up this epic event as we take a look back at our most exciting moments and celebrate the completion of Ministravaganza 2024.

    Sadly I can’t watch it all live because it’s literally the one weekend in 2024 where I will be away on holiday. So I will read up on it a day later.



    Love these companies that can’t even get simple stuff right. Right?

    Is Legion dead? Shatterpoint kills it? I have a whole pile of painted Legion I’ll just bin then. Who cares, right?

    Marvel. It’s a … Marvel? Smash.


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    So are they our aren’t they announcing the legion fire sale?

    You’d think that work so much focus on shatter point they would.

    I think it is close as it sounds like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel in a desperate attempt to find something useful to add to the game.

    Maybe rebels are coming to legion too?

    No jar jar binks army



    I don’t know what the Star Wars license looks like for AMG but it could be a serious problem for them. If they only have access to the movies and cartoons in the license they are just about out of stuff to make for Legion. Wizards of the Coast had the license in the 2000s but their license covered all Star Wars content so they used movies, shows, comics, novels, and video games to generate characters and units for their game. If AMG’s license covers the same they should be able to generate a lot of new miniatures for Legion.



    Legion fire sale confirmed


    Cult of Games Member

    What’s not helping is the new starwars content has been pretty bad (Andor being the one exception).
    None of it allows for big battles in space or on the ground. Rogue One being the only exception, but as that is technically part of the original trilogy within the timeline it didn’t add a lot of new content.

    One really has to wonder how Legion is going to stay alive with so much more potential content still to be done for Crisis Protocol.


    Cult of Games Member

    Legion fire sale confirmed

    Maybe @avernos

    But then again there was an interview with Asmodee Germany and they said:

    Die Zukunft von Legion: für Asmodee ist Legion das Warhammer 40K. Es ist ganz klar der unangefochtene Fokus wenn es um Tabletops geht. Vor Shatterpoint, vor A Song of Ice and Fire. Asmodee ist sich über die Zugkraft der IP im Klaren und versucht alles das Spiel weiter voran zu bringen. Es gibt keine Pläne dieses Spiel aufzugeben!!!


    The future of Legion: for Asmodee, Legion is the Warhammer 40K. It is clearly the undisputed focus when it comes to tabletops. Before Shatterpoint, before A Song of Ice and Fire. Asmodee realises the traction of the IP and is doing everything it can to push the game forward. There are no plans to abandon this game!!!

    Obviously that’s just the German branch. AMG still is at the helm of all of it. We’ll see.



    Can we trust the Germans? Firesale!


    Cult of Games Member

    This is the same German branch that had to read about changes in the news before their owners informed them …

    As such I wouldn’t put too much faith in their information as they might be lagging behind.

    I’d argue that Legion could do with a refresh regarding its starter armies.

    I kind of suspect that they were hoping that the Rey-trilogy would add a new era and new starter sets, but that hasn’t happened.
    Either that’s because of “the event (stay indoors!)(tm)” or because until now Shatterpoint got the resources and Legion was left picking up the pieces.

    Surely something would have been leaked by now if there would be something coming for Legion, right ?


    hmmm possible news :

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