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Azagh’s Boyz! Orc and Goblin Army Diary

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    It brings me Joy seeing this thread updated, keep up the good work. Loving your oldhammer



    Beautiful work



    I have finally taken some better pictures of Azhag on his mighty wyvern and the troll unit that I finished.

    In the process now of repairing and touching up some old orcs and goblins in my collection and paint some new things and finishing off old projects. I wish I had entered the Spring Clean now as it would have been a good motivator for me.

    Azhag 2Azhag 3Azhag 4Azhag 5Azhag1Trolls2

    Sadly the neck on the wyvern has been drooping which is a trait of these early lead S-shaped monsters from the 90`s. I’m now considering to get a new wyvern for him incase the ankles break from constant repositioning. He is now laid sideways in the transport case so it reduces the weight on the neck and body. The rider and saddle are also separately stored away.


    Working on some squig hoppers and Grom’s chariot atm.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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