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Bad news for Wargames Illustrated

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    Hopefully this won’t last too long.

    You won’t be surprised to learn that the Coronavirus has forced big changes and big decisions on us here at Wargames Illustrated and I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about both here. This information is particularly relevant if you are a Wargames Illustrated subscriber to either WI print or WIPrime.


    WI390, April 2020 will be the last print issue of Wargames Illustrated for the foreseeable future. The closure of high street and hobby stores means that we have lost are main sales channels, making the printing of the magazine financially impossible.

    As an alternative to the print magazine in mid-April we will be launching a weekly, mini PDF magazine called WI Bite-size. You will find more information about WI Bite-size below.

    We will begin printing Wargames Illustrated magazine again at the earliest opportunity. At this stage your guess is as good as ours as to when that will be.


    If you are a subscriber to Wargames Illustrated print your subscription will also be mothballed. Meaning it will pick up from where it left off. If you have a yearly subscription you will ultimately receive 12 issues of the print magazine, if you are a quarterly subscriber you will still receive 3 issues of the print magazine.

    For the duration of the Coronavirus Crisis you will also receive free membership of WIPrime which will give you access to our online magazine fault WI Bite-size via PDF. You will find more information about WI Bite-size below.

    We appreciate that not all our print subscribers are tech-savvy and may be wondering what on earth a PDF magazine is. In brief explanation – PDF stands for “portable document format”. PDF files can be read on your computer screen or downloaded and printed out so you can read them on paper.

    If you are an existing print subscriber and you subscribed via our website we will already have your details and you will automatically be signed up for WIPrime (This will be done over the next few days). If you are a print subscriber who did not subscribe via our website and you would like to become a free WIPrime member –sign-up here.


    If you are a subscriber to WIPrime you will continue to have access to all WIPrime features e.g. The Vault, free downloads, Primetime*.

    * From mid-April, for the duration of the Coronavirus Crisis, Primetime will be replaced by WI Bite-size which will be delivered to your Inbox every Friday. For more information see below.


    Currently we are not accepting new print subscriptions. New WIPrime subs are being taken and new members will receive WI Bite-size on a weekly basis. You will find more information about WI Bite-size below.


    In mid April we will be launching a new weekly PDF magazine: WI Bite-size. WI Bite-size will be available to all WIPrime members. WI print subscribers will be offered free WIPrime membership during the Coronavirus Crisis.

    WI Bite-Size will contain at least three brand new wargaming articles (in the style of magazine articles) three archive articles, adverts (which we will be including free of charge to advertisers) and a ‘Fighting Talk’ piece in which we hear from hobby luminaries with their thoughts on ‘Wargaming in an age of Coronavirus’. We will also take a look at what is going on (behind closed doors!) in the hobby that we think you should check out.



    If you were planning on re-subscribe at Salute, Excel (now known as the Nightingale Hospital!) we would still love for you to re-new your sub online or via invoice request (see below) instead.

    Unfortunately in the current climate we can’t offer you any of our usual super show offers. However… everyone who does renew their subscription in April will be entered into a price draw to win one of ten wargames prize bundles. In previous years you will have been given a Golden ticket when renewing at Salute this gave you entry to the ‘dice-off’ in which you could win 100s of pounds worth of (ex-review) wargames goodies. This year the dice-off moves online in the form of a prize draw. As soon as we are allowed back in the office (after April 30th) we will randomly draw ten names out of the preverbal hat and these ten lucky winners (anywhere in the world) will receive a box of wargaming products worth at least £50.


    Unfortunately due to the financial and practical implications we will not be able to offer the WI Prime North Star discount voucher during the Coronavirus Crisis. This offer will end on 31st of March, BUT will be reinstated asap after the Crisis.


    Unfortunately due to the challenger surrounding dispatching goods, we will not be able to offer the WI Prime ‘Win Wednesday’ offer during the Coronavirus Crisis. It will be reinstated asap after the Crisis.


    If you have any questions about your subscription or any of the points raised above please get in-touch with WI customer service who will be happy to help you as best they can. At this time that contact is via email only, as we are not in the office taking calls.

    [email protected]


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during this difficult time for all small businesses who, like us, are looking to ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ as best we can.

    Best wishes to you and your loved ones and I hope the world wide wargaming community comes through this intact and more vibrant than ever.

    All the best,
    Dan, Ian, Mark and Asun
    Wargames Illustrated Ltd.


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    i will get a subscription on April 1st but when it comes into print again, i will get it from my FLGS as they have always been there in the past and i want them to remain open.


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    One moment i was afraid. Love this magazine. Please do, what keep you afloat.


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    I usually sign up at Salute and will renew in April again. I look forward to the return of normality and my favourite magazine dropping through my letter box. Best Wishes and stay safe

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