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Blast from the past…GEOHEX

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    ….another company I thought had gone the way of the dodo. Geohex produces polystyrene hexes that are double sided (one plain and one with a hex pattern on the other. Used to be the “uber” of terrain for all things BattleTech, however was used by a few wargamers for boardgame conversions to use minis.

    Although the basic tiles are double sided, the hills are not (so you have to decide to go with either plain or hex marked). These things are now produced by the owner as a one man band and available via eBay from seller geohex2013.

    A mate of mine had these things, and they were prohibitively expensive back in the 80s, however the price doesn’t seem that bad these days (especially if you are in the US, shipping to the EU is a killer however). The stock isn’t massive and the full range isn’t back in production, but you can usually see what’s coming back for sale at the facebook page

    Only negative for this system is that it’s still expanded polystyrene, so you have to be careful with it and store it carefully. Still my mates set must be 25 years old, and other than a few chips and a broken hill (that was glued back together) it seems to have stood the test of time fairly well.






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