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Boys sentenced for trashing Stamford model railway show

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    Not sure what the sentence is…. not good enough really…



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    The “sentence” is a joke, (I put it in quotes as I’m not sure it even qualifies to be described as one!), plus the fine has to be paid by the parents of the little ****s!


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    What sentence? I hope the parents are so guilty they cough up the money to replace everything, but I must be dreaming again!

    We all know that it is not the money you spend, but the time invested in what you have built/painted. ‘Outsiders’ just take the piss when it comes to toy soldiers or toy trains and they will just say, “…you can just buy another!”

    I would have taken a big bit of wood to the bastards and taught them a proper lesson about respecting other people and their stuff. However, what would be the point? We now have a society where this just becomes ‘high-jinks’ or “they didn’t mean it”.

    The parents will defend their little angels and put the blame somewhere else and it will all be forgotten. Todays news is tomorrows chip papers. Get used to it…this is what happens when you let the standards drop to what they are now.


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    To be honest I am not sure what an appropriate punishment really is. Would fining their parents more make any kind of difference?  That’s the parents who are punished not the boys, it doesn’t teach the boys anything.  In the parents defense they haven’t defended their kids, they have stated that they are ashamed of them.  How then, do you punish the boys, Can you fine them? Given that they have no income no, not really. Would forcing them to pay damages help? Not so much, even if they Could somehow pay £30k, highly unlikely, whilst it can pay for replacement items but how do you compensate people for all those years of effort?  You simply can’t. What they did doesn’t warrant a custodial sentence and I am not sure whether you can sentence a minor to community service. In a world where the punishment fits the crime I would make the little fuckers give up every weekend until they had rebuilt at least some of what they smashed.  And being students they can give up their summer holidays as well.  But in a realistic world, there’s nothing much else that the judge could do.


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    £500 compensation of each parent I believe, possibly as a hell of a lot of money was donated to fix it,

    On the good side, the excess will to to charity , but on the deterrents side the sentence does nothing to put of the next bunch of morons who want to do the same thing.




    I think the club behind this has acted very decently considering the amount of damage done to their displays. On top of the parents having to provide compensation, I would have gone further and asked that those involved be asked to help in the rebuilding effort.

    They should have been made to get involved alongside those they have wronged as it would teach them just what they ruined during their ridiculous stunt – maybe they’d get a better understanding of the kind of work that goes into the hobby.


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    Having known people who’ve had their collections stolen and the like, the “law” as a whole doesn’t appreciate the amount of time and effort people put into these kinds of things.
    Getting hounded on the bus can get you thousands of dollars in emotional damages, but losing something you spent thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears on can net you a couple hundred for “damaged toys”.

    It’s heart-breaking, honestly. The club does seem to have responded admirably, but I do think the sentence is a joke. The fine is so small compared to the value of what was destroyed that it almost seems pointless. I feel like the kids should have to spend every weekend and summer day for at least a year volunteering at the charity club being set up as a result.
    Even if they’re bad kids and aren’t going to learn anything from it, at least that will go a longer way towards fixing the damage they caused than charging their parents a thousand bucks.



    Vandalism on this scale is appalling and the sentence is a joke, it just goes to show how soft we have become here in the UK, our laws are either watered down or they are out of date.

    I think a fitting sentence is to put them through a bad lads army style of punishment as they need to learn respect and more importantly discipline.

    To the guys who lost their hobby, it was not about the money, it was their time and building they’ve done over the years that is priceless and the sentimental value they had over their layouts, which they will never get back.

    I can’t imagine how they are feeling losing their hobby, but I would hope we would never have to suffer as they have. We should all stand shoulder to shoulder in the hope that this never happens to any of us and I hope our judges come down off the planet they are on and get in touch with us the common people.


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    My sentence would have been for the boys see their Xbox and games collections (along with any other “luxury” personal possessions) to be smashed to bits in front of them (so they would get to see what it felt like), with hopefully the Policeman involved giggling and laughing as he did so (as they did). Alas “tit for tat” justice is long gone now and that sentence was probably the best the Judge could do. I doubt a few years down the line those boys will never have to deal with any affects of their crime and we have heard about the parents, but not a lot from the defendants themselves (other than blaming it on drink, “exam stress” and wanting to have a bit of “fun”). If there hadn’t been a public reaction and donations if the Railway Club had been relying on the justice system to replace what was lost the £1500 (another yet to be sentenced, but he’s younger so it will be a lesser sentence) wouldn’t have been anywhere near replacing what was lost. So in effect, boys do criminal damage, pay a token amount. Victims of damage need to rely on public donations (so is this really “justice”?) to replace dmages.


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    “My sentence would have been for the boys see their Xbox and games collections (along with any other “luxury” personal possessions) to be smashed to bits in front of them (so they would get to see what it felt like), with hopefully the Policeman involved giggling and laughing as he did so (as they did).”

    Okay… I take what I said back. This is the sentence I want to see! ^_^

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