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Brushes of Doom! 2018 – Star Hat Miniatures Painting Competition

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    FINAL SUBMISSIONS: 1 Dec, 2018.

    Have you ever entered an online miniature painting competition? Would you like the motivation to push your skills to the next level… or because it just sounds like fun?

    Take up the challenge and join in the first ever Star Hat Miniatures painting competition: Brushes of Doom!

    Because our hobby is all over the internet, entry will be via email with digital photographs of your miniature.  In various miniature/gaming communities, I encourage you to share the news about this painting competition.

    Miniatures can be bought here with a free shipping code: BrushesOfDoom

    That’s free shipping on your entire order, for all countries! One use per customer, active from Sep 11 to Nov 11, 2018.

    Before you whip out your brushes, please read the details below.

    What’s on Offer?

    Star Hat $ (credit at )
    Brushes and other modelling supplies!
    All are entries featured online at and through social media.

    Painter Groups

    Youth – Are you under 16? This is your jam!
    Amateur – Love to paint? Don’t get paid to do it? This is for you!
    Professional – Folks pay you to paint their miniatures. I know, you probably still do it for love… however, it’s fairer to give experts like yourself their own group.

    Painting Categories

    Solo Delver – Any single miniature, ready for your next dungeon crawl.
    Wandering Monster – Bigger (and uglier) than the average delver, Wandering Monster is a loose term that covers anything your DM won’t allow you to play as a character. e.g. Trolls, Dragons, Dungeon Denizens.
    Diorama – This category covers anything from a vignette to a diorama; a couple of characters locked in a deadly duel, to a full-blown skirmish encounter, Diorama is the category for all those terrain buffs and scratch builders out there!

    You may enter with any miniature available online from Star Hat Miniatures: – Free shipping code: BrushesOfDoom

    You may enter any number of miniatures (they will be counted as separate entries).

    The painted miniatures are the main focus for the judges. Conversion and scratch building are welcome, though this must also be your own work (e.g. Don’t put a set of wings from another miniature company on your entry).

    For each entry you must email at least three high quality photos – borrow a good camera (or a phone with a good camera) – to [email protected] by the 1st of December 2018.

    Entry permits Star Hat Miniatures free use your images on their website and to share them on social media. You will be credited for your work.
    Any questions? Ask them here or Email [email protected]


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    Sounds like a winner, I’m a big fan of the duckies already 😉



    Thanks Gerry! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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