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Cartography of the Olde World

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    I was going with a retread of Mordheim as most likely, HOWEVER now that they’ve done this big map and populated it with factions I’m steering away from this guess (after all if it was a Mordheim retread, why would you need such a big map).

    So next to shoot down would be a 28mm rank and file game, I guess this would be in direct competition with AoS for a similar customer base (ie 28mm fantasy figures). So I doubt it going to be that…

    So possibly an “epic” scale “warmaster” style game. However if its going to be set in the era we’re guessing are we going to be looking at an Imperial vs Imperial starter set (less tooling needed) to enact the civil war (with other races/factions coming out dependant on success of initial box set?). On this one still unsure, they might do one in the same vein as Adepticus Mechanicus (high cost “retro” boutique style game that prices itself out of becoming mainstream, but best fit if you planning on a limited release…which GW seem REALLY fond about doing these days with just about anything).

    OR a Mordheim style game following the Necromunda retread of a box set for a faction (with card and dice), but someone opening up the game to allow wider scope for these far flung factions featured on this map (no idea how they would manage that).

    So for now I’m thinking a box set similar to the Battle of Five Armies in format with Imperial vs Imperial armies priced insanely high as a “limited” release aimed at “collectors” rather than the general gamer.



    Cult of Games Member

    @phaidknott surely you mean Adeptus Titanicus with its big stompy robots ?

    Epic scale WFB ?

    That could be cool and different enough to be its own thing.

    Hordes of orcs and skaven vs dwarves and humans.
    They kind of do that in Total Warhammer and you get to do ‘square bases’ as you need those for infantry.

    Has anyone compared the map with the one in Total Warhammer ?

    The only problem with epic scale would be the lack of integration with any related games.
    Warcry and Killteam sort of allow for players to use existing collections for their bigger cousins if they want to.

    Necromunda doesn’t have such a path … unless GW allows the gangs to integrate with regular armies (probably Imperial Guard or Chaos).

    Mordheim (which surely must exist on GW’s roadmap … ) and WFB ‘old world’ would be a pretty logical combo.

    I think we’ll have to wait until GW gives us the next bit of info, unless this is all part of one giant April Fools’ plot that might become real depending on how many people get excited …


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    Someone  on Facebook was saying if this is set in the time of Sigmar then having Altdorf on the map is wrong and it should be Reikdorf. I’ve no idea myself


    Cult of Games Member

    I would appreciate a new rules set for WFB. But not like the old rules were, they had problems up the wazoo and to me the versions through the years felt like they repainting a house in different colours, while not fixing underlying problems.

    Id love epic scale, for me the joy of warhammer was and is, big armies clashing while epic music ensues!(not being chrushed by magic weapons and special rules!)

    Having “smaller” game units and more playing field sounds very good to me!


    I thought the map they painted looked very close to Total Warhammers map.


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    “It’s a massive fail because the easiest and best route for GW is simply to produce that “Warhammer 9the Edition” and heal all wounds.”

    Called it.



    I like the idea of a Battle of Five armies set for Warhammer. 10mm scale (or a bit bigger), you get everything for two rival armies in the Empire during the Time of Three Emperors, and if you want, you can combine it all to be one big army, and then play against other who have the same boxed game.

    Basically what they  with Adeptus Titanicus.


    Cult of Games Member

    I’m assuming this will be 28mm as that’s their main scale (okay, actually 32-35mm these days).   I would love an epic scale Imperial civil war game of some description, but I doubt they’ll do it.   I know they haven’t released much info yet, and there’s still a long time until we get anywhere close to release, but they’re obviously beginning the building of the hype (and why wouldn’t they?).

    In talking about the Old World and square bases they are clearly signalling to fans of WFB.   This would be quite a risk if they’re going to suddenly reveal a game that isn’t a new take on (28mm) WFB.   If they wanted to do a new game in a new scale, it would be much more sensible to signal that right from the start or at the very least make clear to people that this is going to be something new.   I can’t see that it makes sense to create hype for a game that they’re not making if they’re going to end up disappointing people.


    Cult of Games Member

    Consider that the LoTR/Middle earth models was re-released with the same old models and a barely modified rulebook.

    A re-release WFB with practically the same rules and modes wouldn’t need 2-3 years of (new) art and development.

    And I’d argue that it doesn’t make sense because the ones who loved WFB so much that they hate AoS to this day are likely to have armies that could be re-used in a re-release.

    It’s kind of silly for a miniatures company to produce a game that doesn’t result in more miniatures being sold …

    So this game will have a reason for gamers to buy the (new) models.

    I kind of doubt that a mere refresh of the classic line needs that much time.

    So my best guess is that it is either an era that has not been covered by any previous WFB or a new scale.

    (or maybe even both)


    Cult of Games Member

    I don’t think we’re likely to see WFB re-appear in 28mm form. Although GW “could” just re-release the old plastics and a new set of rules, it’s just too large a range (and stores would need 1/4 more shelf space). It would also be a range that GW would have to supply and support for multiple years if it was to come back.

    What’s more likely is a “limited” release box set (like Betrayal at Calth), or a game that would need a smaller store footprint (like Necromunda). I was pretty sure it was going to be a Mordheim reboot, as it fits the above criteria until I saw the map (and more importantly the icons). I’m not that much of a Loremaster when it comes to the World of WFB, but it’s interesting to note the Empire icons spawned over areas of the map where the other races normally live (like elves). Although the coat of arms might be elvish for all I know.

    But I think it’s pretty certain to expect this isn’t going to be a new “core” range from GW, more something along the lines they have been doing with the reboots of other GW games (it might be a new version of Mighty Empires for all we know). I’d LIKE it to be a Mordhiem reboot, but early signs indicate it doesn’t seem to be going that way (and GW already have Warband games). All we know is square bases, but Warmaster had rectangular, Epic had square (later “strips”), so even earlier games from GW that didn’t feature square bases could be in the running.

    Personally I think GW are going to keep us in the “dark” for as long as possible. After all the idea of WFB coming back might make a gamer pause before investing in another fantasy rank and file game (like Conquest, funny how the GW news leaked at the same time it launched). After all if there’s one thing GW can’t be beaten at it’s marketing when it comes down to this hobby.

    But I’m going to go with a smaller scale Empire vs Empire box set, with rules similar to Warmaster (ie a smaller rulebook than WFB). IF it does end up as a Mordhiem reboot, save your pennies now, as if Necromunda is a sign of things to come expect a book, tactic cards, dice etc to be released with every warband (following the Necromunda model).



    Cult of Games Member

    Shelve space is definitely an issue … plus they wouldn’t want to compete with their own main lines either.

    Heck … a lot can change in a year, never mind two or three.

    A limited edition run to test the market response would be both smart (from their point of view) and annoying (from ours; cf Necromunda and WarCry to a lesser extent).

    Most new products need a second version/update after going live because real world experiences are inevitably different from their own playtests.

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