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    Hi All

    I’m trying to write up a narrative campaign for my gaming group when lockdown is fully over

    Please can you take a look at this and let me know what you think ,


    The Calex System Campaign

    Core Space



    It has been a rough year, your ship and crew have been though a lot and it has come to a point where you have nothing but the current fuel in your tanks and no coin in your pocket.

    The jobs are scarce and you have been thinking that Piracy is an option but not one that you ever thought you would go down.


    After sitting down with your crew and having what was left in the food storage and the hidden Vorgon Gin that is outlawed in 9 out of 10 systems as it causes people to burst out in to bad pro’s if too much is consumed, you discuss the situation with the crew.

    You decide to look at the grey market board where less than reputable jobs are posted.

    You find a job that has been active for 6 months with what appears to be no interest.

    “Well regarded Professor of the Orberon Institute is looking for 2 ships with capable crews, to perform logistics, security and assist in exploring ancient ruins. Please contact me through the following link”


    Looking at the job you know that its going to be trouble and that the payment might not be worth it but your desperate and if you can get this professor to cover expenses like ammo and ice cream you might be persuaded to do it.


    Clicking the link you and your crew sit back in the rec room and wait to see who answers,

    It does not take long and an old model LT 300 assistant droid answers in a rather gruff manner.

    “The Professor is busy what do you want?”

    You tell the droid that you are answering the add that the comm link was attached to and want to discuss the job.

    The Droid looks you up and down with what if it was a being would be considered a condescending look.

    “you think you are good enough for this job and that you and your crew will be good enough to survive , hurumf ive seen better crew than you , but hey why not “

    The droid turn round you manage to get a glimpse of the office behind the droid, it is full of clutter and what looks to be a very confused woman talking to herself.

    “Professor you have a call regarding the expedition job you posted “

    The Professor look up quite bemused,

    “oh thank you Lilt?” – “Hello this is Professor Helena who am I speaking too?”

    You state your name and the ships name to the good Professor and ask her about the job she posted

    “right we are going on an archaeological expedition to the Calex System in the Uydon sector,

    I will need 2 ships fully crewed with experience in navigating difficult space ways and tough enough to handle any situation that occurs whilst there.”


    Whilst she is talking one of your crew searches the data feeds for any information on the Calex system but comes up with nothing, they then search for information on the Uydon sector , it comes up with a big red Restricted Zone with a small tag line stating that the Uydon Sector is under full GCC control and is used for training of the GCC and the Gal Fed Navy and Ground forces.


    Your crew show you this information whilst the Professor is talking, you stop the professor in mid sentence and tell her what your crew have found.


    “oh yes that’s what the GCC want you to think but really would the galaxy be so lawless if they had an entire sector to train the police , navy and troops?? Come come, the GCC is hiding something and according to my research the planet Calex was once a world similar in myth and legend to that of the lost city of Atlantis”

    She seem to make sense and being the Gallant Rogue you are the thought of sticking it to the GCC dose interest you.


    You explain that you are interested in the job be that terms need to be agreed upon

    “oh yes that ghastly thing “money” well I have a considerable grant from the institute and I believe that the terms I’m sending you should be sufficient”


    A data packet arrives and your crew inspect it.

    She is willing to pay C50-000 for your services per ship and crew upon completion of the experdition as well as for consumables perishables tooling and fuel prior to the expedition and is willing to allow you to “salvage” 1/8th    of any salvageable items located whilst exploring with the understanding that she and her team will inspect your “salvage” prior to removal from the site.

    You will also be given a bonus of C10-000 for the safe return of herself and any artefacts she deems worthy of recovery.


    After reading the data packet you ask the professor about her team and why you will only get the bonus if she arrives back and not her and her team.


    The professor smiles and says, “You never know what’s going to happen out there and I know I want to make it back so a little incentive wouldn’t hurt, Also one other thing you are just one ship , will you be able to provide a second ship?”


    Thinking about it, you consider your old sparring partner and say that you know someone else that will be able to help.

    The Professor smiles at you “ good good now come to the institute as soon as you can and once we are fully stocked we will set off “

    With that she closes the channel and you look at your crew and they look back you all have a bad feeling about this


    You call up your friend and explain the job , knowing that they are in just as bad a situation as you they agree and you both make your way to the Orberon Institute.


    Upon landing you are met by the assistant droid LT 300 ( Lilte)

    “welcome to the Orberon Institute your ship will be fuelled and stocked whilst you and the professor talk, this way please”



    Mission 1 Load up

    You meet Lilt ( LT 300) at the Institutes landing pad and she is about to direct you to Professor Helena’s office, when a student riot starts as 2 of the student body have been detained by campus security for theft and assault charges


    Mission  Primary Objective the meeting

    Make your way to Professor Helena’s Office and persuade her

    When there make a persuasion roll at +3 upon passing the persuasion roll proceed to mission 1.5

    1 roll per captain per turn and no other cations can be made apart from moving whilst in the Professors office


    Secondary Objective Stir up trouble

    The faculty staff is in the main office area, persuade them that the riot is because the “Being” rights are being abused

    Each staffer will become hostile to campus security

    Persuade the faculty members receive 2 ua per member persuaded

    Stock up on supplies




    Mission rules

    ·       Start with crews from previous missions or 250 points to create a crew

    ·       Game crew size is a maximum of 2 but other crew can be left on the ship

    ·       LT 300 will escort the captains to the Professor, a minimum of 1 captain must stay within 4 squares and I line of site to LT 300 or LT 300 will shut down for 2 game turns until she is reset

    ·       LT 300 only moves the minimum amount and has only 1 action

    ·       When in the Prof

    ·       When there make a persuasion roll at +3 upon passing the persuasion roll proceed to mission 1.5

    ·       1 roll per captain per turn and no other cations can be made apart from moving whilst in the Professors office

    ·       Hostility tracker starts at watch your back

    ·       Every turn 3 students ( use ganger profiles ) turn up for every 4 students ( not including the ones locked up) 1 Campus Security ( use GCC Warden Profiles) turns up


    Mission Cards

    ·       All world cards

    ·       1 Purge Card

    ·       2 GCC Cards

    ·       2 Ganger cards



    3 small to a small box 1 large and 3 small to a big box, 1 large rare 1 small rare

























    Professor Helena and you spend 15 fruitful minutes discussing pleasantries and then get down to business of her expedition.

    “ah my good captains so as it transpires my team is not quite ready and available and I may need your assistance in securing them aboard your vessels in an expeditious fashion.

    3 of my team are located in the offices around and about here, but the real problem is the 2 rapscallions locked up, unfortunately they are the most important members of my team,

    They have information that will be required.

    I organised this riot to help you break them out, now gentlemen I will retire to your ships along with LT 300, we must leave before this winds down


    Mission 1.5 Luggage collection

    You must leave the institute before the riot is over with as much supplies as possible and apparently you are kidnapping people on the way, you have a bad feeling about this but the money is too good.

    You call your crew and explain the situation and you all set about your tasks to leave as quickly as possible.


    Primary Objective

    Professor Helena, LT 300,and the 2 imprisoned students ( use ganger profiles) must be retrieved and taken to your ships

    10 Ua if completed

    Secondary Objectives

    Persuade the professor’s team (yellow marker civilians) to join you at your vessels 8 Ua if completed

    Or knock out professor’s team (yellow marker civilians) and drag them onto your vessels 2 Ua

    Gather up as much salvage as possible and take to your ship.


    Mission Rules

    ·       Hostility tracker continues from where you left it in mission 1

    ·       Game map continues from where you left it in mission 1 including where boxes and rioters/security were

    ·       You must be on your ships before the tracker reaches purge

    ·       Every turn 5 students ( use ganger profiles ) turn up for every 3 students ( not including the ones locked up) 2 Campus Security ( use GCC Warden Profiles) turns up

    ·       To release the 2 students you musk destroy the computer console in the security room next to the lockup

    ·       When the students escape 2 GCC cops turn up each turn


    Mission Cards

    ·       All world cards

    ·       4 Purge Card

    ·       all GCC Cards

    ·       all Ganger cards



    3 small to a small box 1 large and 3 small to a big box, 1 large rare 1 small rare



    You race back to your ship as quickly as possible as you have GCC , Campus Security and the Rioters chasing you. Once back aboard your ship you take off as fast as you are able.

    On your way up into orbit you receive a broadcast describing your ship and crew, and with a reward for your capture and the return of the hostages you have taken from the Institute.

    This wasn’t a pick up it was a smash and grab.

    You turn to the Professor

    “ What the Hell  have you gotten us into , why are they saying we took hostages, what’s going on Professor I want the truth or we are turning around right now and dropping you off”.

    “All in good time Captain, first off let’s see what supplies you managed to acquire for this trip from my former employer and then we will need to make a stop at the Lambda 9 facility in the Rutgur system, that’s where we will meet my partner and get what supplies we still need.

    Don’t worry captain all is going as planned”.

    With that, Professor Helena walks off to inspect the cargo you and your crew brought aboard.

    The bad feeling you had from this job has gone from bad to epically bad, you turn to your first mate and tell him to check on the “Passengers” whilst you call the other ship to let them know the good news.

    After discussing the situation with the other ships captain, you both decide that you’re in the shit and that there isn’t much you can do but go forward so you set course for Lambda 9 facility in the Rutgur system.


    Once you arrive in the Rutgur system you make your way to the Lambda 9 facility.

    The Professors “colleagues have been placated by her and the 2 students seem just happy to be along for the ride”

    You land and the Professor gives you the information on her partner and where to find it, as well as a shopping list for items for the expedition.

    The professor and her team will be staying behind as the Lambda 9 station isn’t the place for them.

    Too right you think a more wrenched hive of scum and villainy doesn’t really exists in this sector of space.







    Mission 2 The Broker

    You leave your ship with one of your crew on board to guard it and set off on your shopping spree and to find the Professors business partner, but be warned this is not a safe place to stay,

    Whilst your looking at stalls an alert comes over your com ( Alert Alert Purge have been spotted at the edge of the system) you better hurry up


    Primary Objective

    Locate and persuade the Professors business partner to join you and get back to the ship alive

    Success will modify future missions

    Secondary Objectives

    You still need to stock up on supplies, go to the highlighted console and activate it 3 times to purchase the required items

    Success will modify future missions

    Mission Rules

    ·       Hostility tracker starts at guarded 3

    ·       Maximum of 2 crew


    Mission Cards

    ·       All world cards

    ·       All Purge Card

    ·       All Ganger cards



    2 small to a small box 2 large and 1 small to a big box, 1 large rare



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    Looks like an interesting series of linked games with a nice cohesive story. Will be watching for future updates



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