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Cruel Seas & Blood red skies Warlord Bootcamp

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    For anyone wanting to learn more about blood red skies, or cruel seas Warlord are running a boot camp at their Nottingham HQ on the 19th January. Tickets cost £25 and there were 31 left when I looked this morning.

    If you are going let me know, are you planning on doing a lead belt weekend and visiting Warhammer world as well?

    Sunday lunch in Bugman’s is always good!


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    Just saw this myself

    loved the western desert bootcamp

    think I might just get myself a ticket


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    Wargames Illustrated 374 will have a free Cruel Sea Sprue with it



    Well I was looking at the Cruel Seas rule book a few hours ago. The game looks amazing.  I will be doing a demo tomorrow of both it and Blood Red Skies. Looking foreword to it.  A boot camp sounds great  but a trip to the UK is not in the budget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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