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    Hey guys,

    Im back at sculpting miniatures in my free time again, now that I have it! I decided to make a go on Patreon. Im not trying to sell anyone on anything, I just want the communities input.

    Im really just looking for some feedback on the page. If the idea of 2 dragons a month at a patreon level of $10 seems fair. Increasing for other features like multiple poses, different heads, things like that. Ive been away from the table top gaming community for a little while so feedback is great. Looking at dragons on their hind legs sitting up to 150-250mm, the kind of detail I sculpt at.

    I have no presence in the community right now, so Im not sure I need to build a level of trust with people. Knowing delivery will happen.

    Right now, its pretty bare-bones, nothing more than descriptions and examples, no teirs or first asset delivery. Im still fleshing out the details on how everything is going to work, in terms of what I can create.

    Thanks in advance!

    [URL unfurl=”true”][/URL]





    Ill be uploading my first model on saturday. Hes all cut up and ready to go






    you don’t need to add the HTML code. Just paste the URLs direct and let WordPress do it’s magic 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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