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Dust Studios going out of business

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    Title says it all. For what it’s worth I’m keeping my minis and still playing because Dust 1947 is a great game.


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    Well, I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened to more small companies and product lines.


    I think it is a classy move to finish fleshing out the product line before closing down.  🤓👍


    I hope all those involved go on to do more imaginative works for games, if that is still of interest them.


    I will definitely keep ALL my DUST books and figures and probably double down in picking up some more to finish up some armies.


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    that sucks …

    I can see why they’d have to call it quits, because if you only have one ‘winner’ and that isn’t bringing in the money that you need to have financial stability … you’ve got no choice.




    Well this is unexpected. Then again it might not be that surprising to some people that have been following situation for while. Still its always sad to see small company like Dust go under.


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    Oh that is sad to hear. And I just saw a video on YT recommending “small games as alternative to 40k” and they recommended DUST in front of a well stuffed shelf in a store…


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    I’ll always have a soft spot for Dust as it was the main game that fully pulled me into miniatures games. Sadly they made some business decisions that pushed me and the other local players away from it but still a shame to see them go under.

    @templar007 Paolo has been back doing art for Magic The Gathering for a wee while so he certainly looks set to continue on his creative ventures.


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    @tgu3 @nakchak



    their KS was a bitter disappointment, they should have sticked with FFG who put out great Dust products.

    Bad times for the gaming industry…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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