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Everything Lost – new solo game

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    Next week I will be releasing Everything Lost. It is a solo survival game in which you find yourself a way through your hometown after an unknown apocalyptic event. You draw the city yourself. You try to survive 4 chapters in which you play different scenarios each new game. You break into buildings, meet other survivors, fight zombies, collect useful stuff and learn more and more new actions and skills.
    In the different scenarios, you experience many adventures: Fight a gang, free refugees stuck in a stadium, steel a bulldozer to ram a storehouse full of food, etc.
    During the game, the city gets more dangerous, but possibilities will increase too: You become an experienced survivor and learn to manipulate the environment. I hope you want to check it out! Thanks!

    check the playthough video’s ( ) or the website ( )

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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