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[Flames of War] ideas for a beginner friendly army lists

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    StuG’s simply don’t resonate with people who don’t know why these things even existed (with the exception of a few Warhammer 40k fans … ;-)).

    FoW is a ‘beer&pretzel’ wargame (I think even the creators said so). This means that the initial target is ‘Hollywood’ history.
    This becomes obvious when comparing Battlegroup books of the same theatre. FoW only mentions the highlights and big heroes. In Battlegroup Kursk they mention (almost) every single vehicle type that was active (or at least that is my impression).

    Anyways … that doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to bring in a bit of ‘realism’ to the game.
    I kind of doubt 15mm scale is detailed enough for the difference between paratrooper and GI to matter when viewed at a typical tabletop distance.
    As such you can probably use them as standard American infantry.

    I’ve got too little time to do any actual research (and I assume this applies to anyone getting into this hobby after watching too many movies ;-)), so I do have to rely on whatever the games tell me is ‘ok’.
    So back to list building for newbies …

    Let’s say we drop the Panzers and replace them with StuGs
    The American paratroopers become standard infantry.
    What else is needed if we want to make the lists realistic and valid within FoW

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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