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Forest Goblins via Shieldwolf Kickstarter

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    Has everybody seen this? Forest Goblins have been a firm favourite of mine since I saw them in a White Dwarf battle report at the dawn  of the 3rd edition of WFB, so I really hope this kickstarter funds! It’s available with both round and square bases depending if you go WFB or AoS.



    If you look at the KS page it does state that round or square based will be available to choose for all but the big monsters which are on Oval bases.


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    MDF bases are available in all shapes and sizes. Don’t let that put you off.


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    Backing this


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    Oh crap, i love ’em! and i love goblins in general!

    Good thing it’s from Shieldwolf, they will deliver!



    If you like goblins you might also like this project.

    I’ve backed both… I’m a sucker for goblins.




    Now getting into the final 48 hours and loads of new items have been added to the kickstarter from their back catalogue. Fingers crossed!



    their whole catalogue is up for discounted purchases.

    They are close to making it! C’mon folks! spread the word!


    Funded and now onto their 3rd stretch goal!

    There are few things on their website that haven’t been added but yes, loads of existing orcs, shieldmaidens, ogres and armoured sisters now up for purchase as add-ons / distinct pledges. I really hope the goblin toad riders get added as freebies to the gold pledges (next stretch goal).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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