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    GW have just released the news from Adepticon:



    This includes new Fireslayer Battletome and minis, some more stuff about Warcry (contrary to expectations, it’s not all Chaos; other factions will get warbands from the start), Apocalypse is coming to 40k (with 40k movement trays), a hint at what’s going to follow Vigilus, and pics of the new Slaanesh stuff coming out (yes there will be a plastic Keeper of Secrets, and it’s very nice).


    One interesting thing is what will be next year’s event exclusive mini:


    Unless im mistaken this new mini will be a non-Primaris Marine, which runs contrary to the belief that we’ll see no new non-Primaris Marines (unless Primaris can now squeeze their fat arses into terminator armour 😝).  That said, doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily see more non-Primaris in the near future…


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    Yep, just read my newsletter and saw all the awesome stuff coming!

    I’m starting to get envious of Age of Sigmar!  Maybe i’ll get myself a starter box this summer…


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    So, I can’t make heads or tails out of this:

    Is that the same mass battle we had “way back when” or what will Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse be? “A new game” … how many new games does GW need? oO

    Also, Is this some kind of weird take on pre painted minis? Or just that all factions will get coloured plastic? Or some new line of colours?


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    Both those announcements are a bit of an odd duck each as I see it. It talks about a new rule for mass battles with Apocalypse and there’s the quip about there being movement trays for 40k now so I assume you still need to paint a stupid number of 28mm standard figures to play it? Kind of a niche product seeing as that number of models kind of comes with a long standing veterancy in 40k which means this ain’t going to be for new players by design.

    The Fifty Shelves of Grey I don’t know what to make of. Suggesting a new way to help paint models faster could mean anything.

    @lordofuzkulak I’ll be interested where this Warcry thing goes. If they make it a “it’s the Age of Sigmar but you need 6 models rather than building an whole army” is interesting because AoS looks more and more interesting as time goes on and it develops but I’m already building a 40k army with my limited time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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