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general questions for the store, where to post them?

Home Forums Technical Support general questions for the store, where to post them?

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    Maybe there should be a forum FAQ type thread for the BoW store where members can post questions?

    I sent the below questions directly to the BoW store some time ago, but have not got any response, so I post this here.

    At any rate: I live in Norway, outside the EU but inside the EEA. This means that I get hit with massive Norwegan VAT and custom fees if I was to order in the store. Now, I would like to participate in the 40K-thingy later this summer, but I cannot place an order until I know the answers to the following:

    Question 1: Does the free shipping above GBP 80 for EU orders also apply to EEA orders, such as Norway?

    As Norway is outside the EU, the order is supposed to be without the UK VAT, as the Norwegian VAT is added in customs. (The same applies to any shipments out of the EU, and probably out of the UK after Brexit happens.)

    Question 2: How is this done in the BoW store?

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    The store is not currently VAT registered so the price is as labled.


    Currently yes we are delivering to Norway as part of the free shipping offer 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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