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    So here is a thread to discuss the idea of a Global Network of Hobby Sheds, watch the start of this episode for the run down

    At this stage we are just interested to see if it might be something useful and get ideas and feedback


    Cult of Games Member

    Definitely interested. I have shed and would be open to visitors can’t  say I could teach much but I am trying with my little one.


    Cult of Games Member

    Don’t have much in the way of space but I am interested in chances to collaborate with like minds.

    I would definitely be interested in keeping up with this and getting involved. What I lack in experience I can give in my time if able.

    Edit: Should probably point out that I am in the Newcastle upon Tyne/Northumberland region.


    Cult of Games Member

    I love the idea of a virtual get-together once a week (Monday evenings work for me!) where we can kick back and just hobby together in our sheds (hey, surely if someone wanted to join in from their kitchen table, it could be a virtual shed for the evening?).

    I was involved with setting up the BuildBrighton “hackspace” over ten years ago, and we went from a once-a-week show-and-tell at a hired room once a week to a fully kitted 1300ft workshop. But I love the idea of the intimacy of a network of hobby sheds. Makerspaces are nice and everything, but some feel a little “impersonal”.

    Interested to find out more…



    I work in a garage that I rent in Northeastern Maryland. I have paints, styrofoam, hot wire cutter, band saw, table saw, massive air compressor, etc. It was my dad’s and he had it geared for automotive/ model railroading. With his passing, it became mine. There are work stations so there is space for those who are interested.


    Cult of Games Member

    Coincidently I have been thinking receantly about renting a space in the bussiness  center round the corner (the one warlord just moved out of) on behalf of a small group of people who need a space away from home. It’s hard for people in shared living situations to dedicte space to hobby.

    If enough people in the Nottingham area were interested I would not doing the organisational part.


    I think this idea is great



    Cult of Games Member

    Been doing virtual hobby with our club since the start of the very first lockdown.  Friday evening for us is spent, painting/modelling and talking rubbish.  Only one of us works in a shed, and only then during summer when it is warmer outside the rest of us work from dinning tables/desks etc.


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    I love this idea.

    I’m not sure I could teach much, and I don’t have a shed, but other than that, I’m interested.

    I’ll raise it with some of our local hobbyists and maybe some of the children’s / teens groups to see if there’s interest.


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    I don’t have a shed but I do have a desk and a webcam. Trying to get into blogging projects to keep me on track. I’m in the south West of England



    This could really be good.

    With machines, lasers, printer, and stuff, a Liability Waver with a Insurance might do well, really needed in USA.
    I know when I larped we paid a 2 dollar fee for the weekend to cover us, as accidents happen.

    Just something to think about when setting it all up.

    When we get moved would be most glad to setup a monthly event, have Laser, 3D printers, and more minis than I can ever paint.

    Good luck with this I think it could become a Grand Thing.


    What is the differents between Hobby Sheds and MakerSpaces?


    Cult of Games Member

    From watching the video the difference would be that the Hobby sheds in this instance would be more wargaming hobby oriented though not exclusively. Also I assume  to begin with it would be less open, mainly the OTT community. But mainly  it is just a name both very similar concepts.

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