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Guardian article about Games Workshop

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    The Guardian wrote an article about Games Workshop. Haven’t read it yet myself, I found the link on another forum.


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    I read this the other day. No big news to anyone involved in the hobby but I suppose to someone that has never dealt with GW then it sheds some light on the hobby.

    Don’t think I agree with the part about them only communicating through White Dwarf. That hasn’t been accurate for a few years now since they (belatedly) discovered social media.

    Also, as someone that doesn’t frequent a FLGS, is it true that GW’s resurgence has had such a negative impact on other games?



    Fairly accurate and generally positive, if somewhat tongue in check, look at the hobby, GW and its success over the years. Definitely not a bad take compared to how the mainstream usually looks at the ‘nerdy hobbies’ from boardgames and on.

    Do wish some of the hobby sources out there would actually read it instead of using it as clickbait, Spikey Bits in particular were being absolute idiots about it (anything to drive traffic right, doesn’t matter if it’s false, someone else’s work or even 3-4 years old / out of date). The title is a joke you silly Americans, while the article itself is overall quite positive about hobby and company alike.

    Nobody is attacking your hobby or actually comparing it to substance (ab)use. Not to mention it’s plastic crack, which would make it plastic cocaine and not heroin. 😉

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    Spikey Bits is the Mos Eisley of gaming news sites.  BoLS isn’t too dissimilar either.


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    @irredeemable A worthy question.

    I have to wonder, in line with other trends, is GW’s lines pushing sales of other games out or is GW simply managing to hang on in stores whilst others go online as so many other things do these days? I’ve re-read the quote from FLGS runner Adrian Hunter and I’m not sure if he means people aren’t playing those games in store at all or people aren’t buying stuff for those games from stores (maybe creating the impression that people are playing with their same old models).

    I don’t know and I admit, I dunno where to look to find out but it’s an interesting poser to my mind.

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