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Guildball Question

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    Since Steamforged Games doesn’t have an official forum and you can’t leave messages (except under posts) on their Facebook page, I’ll ask here and hope someone may know something (or even better someone from Steamforged will see this). When, if ever, will we be able to buy the old guilds again? I don’t care about metal or plastic just that they’ll be available again.



    As far as i know, they haven’t said when. All we know is they’ll not be coming back in metal. I can’t imagine they’ll be gone too long though.



    @khy0te I’d say do your digging into your area FLGS community. I know that there’s been quite a bit of markdown on products if the minis haven’t moved. I was able to get some steals at 50% off when it was announced that Guild was going to get the kaibosh and the new plastics were coming in. For that though I needed to drive almost 2 hrs away but it was worth it as the store is one of the best ones in the state. Truth be told one reason I went was it seems to be one of the only ones that seems to stand fast while so many others have come and gone and has some of the best selections I’ve ever seen.

    Guildball is probably going full metal as the cost of material and shipping is too high. Looking at the announcement for Reaper beginning their Bones line it made sense for the use of plastics by Steamforged. It also makes sense once you figure that GW made the switch years ago as well. The ability to get sharper detail for your casts from injection, minimizing mold lines, sculpting smaller parts and getting longer life from the molds all points to plastic being a better option. I’m a fan of metal as well to get a heft in the hand when I hold a piece but a case full is a pain to lug around after a while.

    The likelihood of getting original teams is all dependent on how hard you’d be willing to dig to get them now.



    Well it seems that Steamforged have ditched their forum they had one the last time I looked, I guess its the sign of the times people prefer to use Facebook.

    From my understanding they are doing all the new guilds in plastic, and looking to refresh some of the older guilds in resin rather than metal.

    However, I am sad to say as much as I love guild ball, I have been less than impressed with Steamforged of late they seem to be making the mistake many companies have done in the past and that is stretching themselves far too thin, they are starting up far too many kickstarters, without delivering on the ones that they have already started. I am therefore holding off on doing anything more with Steamforged until I get my copy of God Tear which is due in August several months after the initial delivery date.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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