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    Cult of Games Member

    I just seen this on you tube damn I am now impressed…




    Cult of Games Member

    Good spot. Got to say it looks good, I backed the Kickstarter earlier if only to see what they looked like. I did wonder what this technology would mean for prepaints in board games in next few years.


    D6 Generation have posted pics of received kickstarter prints


    Cult of Games Member

    I think that is quite impressive and am intrigued how it is achieved.


    Cult of Games Member

    I think the boys on this website discussed this at length a few weeks (months?) back. The general concensus is it’s a bit of a gimmick at the minute, the technology isn’t really as advanced as the first few shots in the video make out.


    I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts now they have hands on product.

    Personally, it’s not something that thrills me. But i’m interested in hearing about the technology, and if the claims match the outcome.


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    I saw the guys talking about this at the same time I posted this, I was not impressed, but this video I posted shows the actual result and considering my expectations I was impressed.


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    Received my 3D colour print from the Hero Forge Kickstarter. I’ve done a few models through them in the regular plastic (even had a project about it here –>  comparing the standard and premium plastic).

    However, was not impressed with the quality of the colour print. Very grainy and rough compared to their regular plastic. Pic below shows it especially around the face and arms and throughout the body. 2nd pic is the mini beside two painted Hero Forge standard plastic minis. Interesting technology, but not there yet compared with other 3D-printing options, in my view.



    It’s possible they deliberately give the model this rough texture to give it a natural looking matt finish. If it was smooth and shiny that might look worse.


    Cult of Games Member

    That is damned impressive. Seems we are getting closer and closer to replicator technology in Star Trek every day



    More pics and discussion on Dakka :

    Something like they were supposed to be painted with a gloss, but that didn’t help the talc-y look.

    I guess the miniatures are good enough for tabletop if your character that you’ve been playing for several years is so weird unique that no miniature exists for it.

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    Cult of Games Member

    I think they are definitely looking good for what effectively is a first iteration of full colour 3D printing proces.
    Yes, they can’t match the top end paint jobs as seen in magazines and such, but I’d argue that isn’t the goal and it probably will take a few more years and new tech to get to that point.

    However when you look at the examples it shows that some colours are much more vivid than others.
    So I wouldn’t be surprised if there are better looking examples out there.

    I suspect that with minimal effort these minis could look even better.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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