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HISTORICON MEETUP – Starting July 10?

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    Just wondering if any members of the community will be at Historicon and may want to meet up.   I know at least two that are going to be there.  I hope to see you guys at the event!  If you’re going to be at the event and want to meet up, just ping me a PM … or maybe I’ll just see you around the convention hall.



    Not there, but perhaps you could do a “grognard” review of the show with any interesting rules and minis we might not have seen on this side of the pond (so some of the smaller companies that don’t usually get any coverage)?



    ive already asked Gerry to have a look out for Clash of Spears. I was talking online to anda few people  a few big traders like Brookhurst Hobbies aren’t showing up this year



    For me personally this will be a lot more interesting than Gen Con



    @phaidknott – I’ll see what I can do.  It does look like there are quite a lot of Decision Folio Series games here, a history-heavy company that doesn’t really appear much (doesn’t work exclusively with miniatures).

    Historicon Game Library Game List
    1846 The Race for the Midwest – GMT Games (2)
    1960 The Making of the President – GMT Games (2)
    Ancient World, Volume II – Decision Games
    Aerial Combat-Germany 1934-45 – Decision Games
    Battle Cry of Freedom Decision Games
    Battle Line – GMT Games (2)
    Blue Cross, White Ensign – GMT Games
    Cherkassy Pocket – Decision Games
    Churchill Big Three Struggle for Peace – GMT Games
    Clash of Giants Civil War Second Bull Run and Gettysburg – GMT Games
    Colonial Twilight The French-Algerian War 1954-62 – GMT Games (2)
    Comancheria – GMT Games
    Conquest of Paradise – GMT Games
    D-Day at Peleliu – Decision Games
    Drive on Stalingrad – Decision Games
    Empires At War – Decision Games
    Fighting Formations – GMT Games
    Flying Circus: Arial Combat in WWI – Decision Games
    Golan ’73 – GMT Games
    Grand Prix – GMT Games
    Labyrinth – GMT Games
    Lenningrad The Advance of Army Group North – Decision Games
    Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection – GMT Games
    Lords of the Sierra Madre – Decision Games
    Manoeuvre Battlefield Command Game – GMT Games
    MBT – GMT Games
    Naktung, Chosin, & Chiyong-n – Decision Games
    Napoleon at Waterloo – Decision Games
    Napoleon’s First Battles – Decision Games
    Napoleon’s Last Battles – Decision Games
    Next War: Taiwan – GMT Games
    Nine Navies War – Decision Games
    North Africa on to Tabruk! – Decision Games
    Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge – Decision Games
    Operation Kremlin – Decision Games
    Osmanli Harbi The Ottoman Fronts: 1914 to 1918 – SPW
    Over the Top! – Decision Games
    Pattons First Victory – Decision Games
    Pericles The Peloponnesian Wars – GMT Games
    Poland First Campaign of WWII – Decision Games
    RAF The Battle of Britain 1940 – Decision Games
    Rebels & Redcoats Volume 1 – Decision Games
    Rebels & Redcoats Volume 2 – Decision Games
    Sekigahara The Unification of Japan – GMT Games
    Seven Days Battle – Decision Games
    Struggle for the Galactic Empire – Decision Games
    The ’45 – Decision Games
    The Alamo – Decision Games
    The Barbarossa Campaign, 1941 – Decision Games
    The Rising Sun, Vol. 1 – Decision Games
    Thirty Years War Quad – Decision Games
    Thunder Alley – GMT Games
    Thunder Alley Expansion Pack – GMT Games
    Twilight Struggle – GMT Games (2)
    Urban Sprawl – GMT Games
    War on Terror – Decision Games
    Washington’s War – GMT Games

    Decision Games Folio Game Series List
    Aachen First to Fall
    Acre The Third Crusade Opens
    Arsuf Lionheart vs. Saladin
    Barbarossa Deluxe The Russo-German War, 1941-45
    Bastogne A Desperate Defense
    Battle of the Scheldt The Devil’s Moat
    Battles for the Ardennes
    Battles for the Galactic Empire
    Beyond the Urals: The Final Campaign in Russia, 1942
    Breitenfeld Enter the Lion of the North
    Cauldron Battle for Gazala
    Chalons The Fate of Europe
    Chickamauga River of Death
    Crusader Battle for Tobruk
    DMZ The Next Korean War
    El Alamein Rommel at Alam El Halfa
    Frayser’s Farm Wasted Opportunity
    Gaza 1917 Gateway to Jerusalem
    Golan The Syrian Offensive
    Iwo Bloodbath in the Bonins 19 Feb-17 Mar 1945
    Kasserine Baptism of Fire
    Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010-?
    Lebanon ’82 Operation Peace for Galilee
    Leipzig Napoleon Encircled
    Loos The Big Push
    Manoeuvre Distant Lands
    Marengo Morning Defeat, Afternoon Victory
    Masuria Winter Battle 1915
    Meuse Argonne The Final Offensive
    Mortain Counterattack The Drive to Avranches
    Naktong Bulge Breaking the Perimeter
    Pavia Climax of the Italian Wars
    Pea Ridge St Louis, then Huzzah!
    Pedregal Santa Anna Bay
    Saipan Conquest of the Marianas
    Shanghai Incident 28 January-2 March 1932
    Shiloh Grant Surprised
    Showdown The Coming Indo-Pakistani War
    Stones River Turning Point in Tennessee
    Suez 1916 The Ottomans Strike
    Tannenberg East Prussia, August 1914
    Tannenberg The Introductory Game to the Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series – SPW
    The American Revolution Decision in North America, 1775-82
    Vimy Ridge Arras Diversion
    Zama Hannibal vs Scipio



    The “What If ” Rome Invades Ireland games sound awesome but I am sure @avernos has that covered.



    T10:562 JOE HACK – Impose on the Irish 1
    Thursday, 10:00 AM, 4 hrs, Players: 12, Location: Heritage: HR-41
    GM: Joe Swartz & NOWS
    Sponsor: None, Prize: None
    Period: Ancients, Scale: 28mm, Rules: JOE HACK
    Description: The Romans didn’t leave a written record of being in Ireland. Neither did the Irish, but they didn’t write either. On a clear day, the eastern tip of Ireland can be seen from western England. Perhaps the Romans thought of the Irish as meek, mild and peaceful. Perhaps the Romans were never invited in. (or they Romans may have decided not to leave a record of their humiliation) Will the Irish manage to overcome the ramparts of the Roman fort or will the Romans hold fast ? Rules taught. Minors welcome with adult.  


    While obviously “alternate history” – it will be interesting to see if the people running this will be basing it as a tangent off either of the historical Roman invasions of Britain.  Whether that’s Caesar’s first attempt or Claudius’ more successful attempt a few generations later, that might effect what kind of Romans we see, late republic or early imperial.



    @oriskany I’m sure you know but they are running a different scenario each day – Day 2 sounded the best one to me when I read them back in June.

    Day two – Irish Tuetoberg Wald

    The Romans have marched from their base out into the hinterland to impress the Irish with the majesty of Imperial Rome and win their hearts to beg for benevolent? Roman rule. However, the Irish were not so easily impressed much less intimidated. The Irish clans have pulled together and led by their chariots, are charging the Roman column as it winds through the Irish countryside. The Romans turn to face. Rules taught. Minors welcome with adult.


    Looking forward to seeing whatever you guys can catch!  Good luck.

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    Thanks @robert – yes, we saw all the different scenarios in that campaign.  We just finished a meeting going through the program picking all the things we want to hit.  It will be tough.  There’s so much!!! 🙂



    I was kinda hoping to wak up to the first videos  this morning



    Well, there’s these things called time zones?  😀 😀 😀 Your post came in at 5:00 AM.  🙂  Even now, the con hasn’t started yet.  Still having breakfast.  🙂



    @oriskany There was s DBA competition happening on the Wednesday night you could have covered 😋




    Slacking I say…..

    You should all be camped out at the Con door with only MREs to hand.

    Just remember when looking after your own Gerry

    1. Don’t put it near light, especially sunlight, it can kill him.
    2. Don’t let it get wet with water nor give it any water to drink nor bathe it.
    3. No matter how much it begs, no matter how much it cries, NEVER feed it after midnight.





    That’s actually not far off the truth, @robert – we went out for pizza late last night … longish walk in the harsh afternoon sun – Gerry was grumbling the whole way about Justin’s “Death March.”



    Pub time!

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