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Hobby Knives from Poundland

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    I just thought I’d post this as its clear some folk in the UK don’t know what a mecca for hobby bits Poundland is


    amongst the other goodies are these hobby knives that come with 2 handles and 12 blades. I’ve been using them for several years but they’d stopped stocking them a while back but when I popped in today there they were again…. Score!

    (Top Tip: the smooth aluminium handle of the smaller knife makes an excellent tank/titan/knight gun barrel when the plastic bit that holds the blade in snaps as it eventually will,

    and you’ve a nice long bit of semi flexible magnet in the lid too once you’ve use the blades up that’s got to be of use to terrain builders, probably)



    Look in the picture, the blue plastic bit that holds the blade breaks, and item is then useless. A good supply of cheap blades though.

    Try Lidl, they sell the same things, but all metal for a couple of quid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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