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    Back on the old forums some of us set up sew new years resolution type hobby commitments for 2018.  I’ve been waiting for the old forum to reappear so I can link to it here and copy and paste some of its text, but I’ve decided to get this up again as we all have a lot of progress to make and 2019 gets ever closer.  I know the year is half over already, but anyone should feel free to join us in this.  Declare your pledge in this post(Keeping it reasonable for the time frame), add yourself to the spreadsheet (link below) and keep it updated as you go, and then post pics of your finished works in this thread so everyone can see your progress and get reminded how slack they are being.  The goal is to encourage each other to meet our goals and perhaps get done those models we keep putting off by holding ourselves publicly accountable and through the encouragement (and guilt) of seeing others meeting their goals.

    As an example to those of you who might be new to this here is my pledge for 2018.  Anything crossed out is currently completed.

    40 Termagants
    1 infinity
    GB Morticians (7)
    Deadzone Plague (11)
    FoW 14 Brits
    10 Tyranid Gargoyles
    GB Fishermen (4)
    GB Union (5)
    GB Hunters + 4 traps & Ball (17) – WIP
    GB Masons (7)
    Deadzone Zombies (15)
    Deadzone Rebs (15)
    FoW 12 Germans

    If a faction started the year 100% complete then it must end the year at 100% complete, ignoring models gained in December.  New Acquisitions :

    Brennos the Elderhorn
    Wold Wight
    Tharn Ravager Shaman
    Ret Mk2 BB (4)
    Great Bears (3)
    Widowmakers (4)
    Tharn Blood Pack (6)
    Tharn Chieftain
    Tharn White Main
    Viktor Pendrake

    This means I have 51/183 models to go this year along with anything else I get that breaks the 100% rule.  This leaves me room to buy some other stuff not in this list and still paint it if I wish.  Wiggle room is important.  If your hobby becomes obligation and work, and not fun you won’t want to do it.

    Pledge tracking spreadsheet

    People already on the sheet: @cypher2009 @gorillawithabrush @zoidpinhead @kevlin @witteridderludo @georgesealy @orkboy @craigwrdouglas @gumbafish @angelicdespot @janus1004 @warworksdk @hephesto @dawfydd @beardragon14 @ultramarine40

    • This topic was modified 4 years ago by  lawnor.
    • This topic was modified 4 years ago by  lawnor.

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    To get the ball rolling, here are pics of what I’ve done towards my pledge since the old post went down.  The Mk2 Retribution of Scyrah battlebox and my Masons Guild models.  I’m currently working on my Hunters Guild models.  There’s a few days work left on them and then I’ll update here and WAYPN with the shots.



    I couldn’t figure out how to link to the existing pics in WAYPN.  I couldn’t even download my own pics from the forum.  Is this possible under 2.0?

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    Updated my progress, it seems that I am painting more unplanned stuff than the planned….. as was expected. 🙂


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    That happens a lot.  That’s why its good to not overplan and leave yourself time to do this.  I’ve gone off my plan a fair bit too.


    Cult of Games Member

    Cheers for resurrecting this old thread. I will have to look it over and really get to work if I should get any of my pledges crossed off the list.


    Keep up the great work everyone and good luck with your pledges.



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    Nice one @lawnor , great time have the tracker backup 👍

    Since the last update I’ve been working chipping away – the Space Wolves now look fairly respectable with about a quarter of the models I have for them painted.

    I’m hoping to have this lot done in time for the new Codex when it hits. After that I’ve a good sized Crimson Fists force I’d like to try and crank tout, Likewise Deathwatch.

    Beyond this I may have indulged in the Knight Renegade box to add some super-heavy support, so would like to get one Knight completed by years end, and I need to strip my old Catachan army of their 18-year old paint jobs to be reworked as Strakens Devils.

    Beyond the Grimdark I’ve a few smaller projects on the go – most factions of Infinity I’m always adding odd models to, and I’ve begun getting the Asset Drop boxes so fancy giving some of their included projects a go.

    ive also started up a Project of Gundam kit builds t to work through the stack of kits I’ve picked up over the years.


    Phew, I think it’s save to say I’ve set myself som goals. No idea if any of those will hold out 😉



    Updated my part. 🙂

    Way too many pictures to share them all here for proof, but I’ll add a couple of recent ones.

    Finished (by the way, I know that’s not how dreadnoughts work, but this was a commission piece for a client and it’s what he wanted):

    IMG_7657ed IMG_7660ed


    Work in progress:



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    I’ll have to re-visit my original pledge at some stage – it’s quite different from what I’m actually working on of course!

    What’s taken most of my time is my Skaven army (thankfully part of my original pledge!)

    Here’s a few images to show where I’ve got to…


    The Horde:



    Grey Seer:



    Doom Wheel, just on the edge of control, as it should be:



    Thanquol and his trusty Boneripper (WIP):



    A mighty Verminlord:



    Also, in other projects I’m painting up the PCs in my D&D campaign:



    And doing test schemes for my mixed Order army:



    Cult of Games Member

    Great to see this thread back and everyone checking in.  Thanks @lawnor as always for keeping us focused.  I’ve updated the spreadsheet but no photos as yet, sorry.  Hopefully soon when life stops interfering with my hobby.

    @janus1004 perhaps my approach of just starting out with a target number makes a bit more sense if you find added extras getting in the way of your original targets.  You seem to have expected the unexpected anyway so its all good.

    @gorillawithabrush superb stuff as usual. Well done indeed and thanks for keeping us updated here too.

    @george Sealy I love that Doom Wheel.  The angle you have it sat at makes it look alive and your basing is superb.  Bravo!

    Good luck folks and keep picking up those brushes.


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    Thanks for the kick @lawnor mate. Updated the spreadsheet. Work on my personal stuff is a bit slow at the moment as my mate gave me the Battlefoam for Star Wars Legion and as payment, I am painting up his Dreadball 2 Kickstarter teams… and he is liking them so much, he is wanting me to paint some other stuff for him afterwards…. and he showed them to some guys at the local club and they want me to paint stuff for them…. Yay for different minis to paint and hopefully a few pennys for the work, but my projects are getting a bit left behind. When I get time I am working on bits. Will try to get some images up shortly. 🙂

    Nice looking work all. Nice and inspirational. 🙂


    Cult of Games Member

    I hope the sculpts are better than for earlier releases?  While Mantic stuff isn’t terrible I often find it has its issues, like mould lines in awkward places I can’t clean it from without destroying lots of detail, and the material doesn’t clean up as well as others.  I’ve a bucket load of Dreadball and Dead Zone from kickstarters waiting for me to paint it up.  127 models apparently.  That’s well over half of whats left for me to do.  I’m not overly looking forward to it, but at least a fair chunk of that is solos (MVPs etc) so it should give me a chance to experiment and get lots of quick results.


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    They dont seem as bad as the first edition stuff. I am trying really simple colour schemes for the teams and they are going down well so far. The managers/coaches are quite fun to do as well so I am painting a team, then a manager, then a team then a manager to keep it fresh. Deadzone (in my opinion) was horrible. I found it so bad I actually gave up trying to assemble the Human faction and used another range of minis. Hopefully second edition of that isnt too bad.


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    Mantic have some nice designs and some great models so I hope everything is improving.  I want to see them do well.  I have enjoyed playing their stuff, even if I tend not to these days.


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    Thanks for reposting this @lawnor , I lost track of the spreadsheet durring the change over and I got lots done … I may even be on track ….*horror ensues*


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    Finished my hunters guild.  That’s 17 more models I can cross off my pledge.

    Group Shot

    More details can be found over at the Project over here:

    Lawnor’s Hunters Guild Project

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