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    As some of you may know, for the past few years I’ve been running a thread like this or this.  This is a communal place to post your hobby new years resolutions. Please set yourself some goals below, add them to the spreadsheet and post your progress across the year here.  If we can all see each others progress towards these goals then it provides encouragement and motivation for us all.  I’m looking at the progress sheet for 2019 (2019 tab at the bottom) and I can see a lot of people have made great progress towards their targets.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Set yourself some realistic hobby goals for 2020, allowing yourself plenty of wiggle room to buy and focus on new stuff because its going to happen.  For example, I usually paint just north of 300 models a year, so I try to pledge under 150.  It’s late November right now and I’m on the final 2 models for my 2019 pledge.
    • Don’t let this force you to do things you don’t want to do, or to paint faster or harder than you are comfortable.  It’s meant to add encouragement and fun to the hobby only, not to ruin it for you.
    • You know those models you’ve been putting off painting for a while?  Perhaps they intimidate you?  Perhaps they’re a lot of work?  Pledge to get them done.  Setting yourself a deadline and allowing yourself to feel publicly accountable for missing it can be the push you need to get them done.
    • If you pledge something open ended like “hit 100% complete in my Tyranid army by the end of 2020”, do not count models gained in December 2020.  That’s not realistic, or fair on yourself.
    • Don’t be afraid to change your pledge as the situation changes.  Once again, it’s meant to be fun, not a burden.  I know mine will not be static until the start of the new year at least.  I’m still working out what my goals want to be and right now it covers 2 new games I don’t even know if I want to play enough to invest all that hobby time in.  Plus who knows what Santa will bring me that I might want to prioritise (Not that socks need a lot of painting)


    Anyway, here’s the link to the editable shared Pledge Spreadsheet for 2020 (2020 tab at bottom).  Get thinking about what you want to achieve, and add yourself, and post a summary below.  Tweak as you see fit until the start of the new year.  Check out last years post and sheet for examples, and my pledge below.


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    My 2019 pledges

    Bare minimum:   If a faction hits 100% painted, it should end the year at 100% painted.  Anything new acquired for them gets added to the pledge for the year.

    Main Goals:

    • If a faction starts the year 100% painted it should end the year 100% painted
    • Try Reichbusters
    • If I like Reichbusters paint everything for first mission/boss (126 ??) or whatever works out as equivalent
    • Try Godtear
    • If I like Godtear have 1 painted team (6)
    • If I like Godtear have 2 painted teams (6)
    • If I like Godtear have 3 painted teams (6)


    Paint less bulk, paint more specials/solos:-

    • Klukva Cyber Beauty
    • 1 Monster Box
    • 2nd Monster Box
    • 3rd Monster Box
    • Klukva Gwynnead
    • Widow of Vengance (Tau) from Wargame Exclusive
    • Rubicon Tank
    • Chillcon 2018 Female Viking
    • Chillcon 2018 Spud Viking
    • Tim the Enchanter
    • Crooked Dice St Trinnians mini
    • Oathsworn Barbarian
    • White Dragon Modern Minis
    • Briskett Bust
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    Cult of Games Member

    My 2020 pledges

    • Keep up with the Empire/Rebel releases of Star Wars: Legion and have them painted
    • Don’t buy into yet another game system. (maybe one)
    • Keep positive towards the hobby and its community

    Cult of Games Member

    My 2020 pledges:

    1) Get caught up on my Star Wars Rebels.

    2) Get out and play more games.

    3) Paint more with my son and complete our Tanks forces.

    4) Paint the town buildings that I’ve been printing off.

    If I manage to get at least some of the above done I’ll be happy.


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    I failed terribly at my 2019 pledges.

    so in 2020 i feel i need to sort this out!

    1. Sell minis i don’t use anymore. (anyone need imperial guard bits in various degrees of not complete)
    2. make more terrain. I seem to really enjoy this now
    3. sell my previously made terrain
    4. play some more modern combat games.
    5. paint or sell my star wars legion models that don’t get used as much.

    As you can see i’ve come to the realisation that i have too much and not enough time, last year i had more time but in the new year i realise that it is likely to change with a big reduction of available time


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    in 2019 I resolved to paint a miniature a day (and to a pretty good standard, better than table top). I am happy to announce that I have smashed that goal. Last night i finished figure 443. I hope I don’t sound smug.

    The figures i painted were from the following game systems…

    Mansions of Madness

    Shadows of Brimstone

    Mars Attacks miniatures game


    Zombicide: Black Plague

    7 Sins: the others

    Doctor Who miniatures game

    Arcadia Quest

    Star Wars: Imperial Assault

    Super Dungeon Explore


    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

    Hellboy the board game

    Star Wars: Legion


    D&D Castle Ravenloft

    Warhammer 40k

    Strontium Dog miniatures game

    Cruel Seas

    Walking Dead miniatures game

    Deep Madness


    Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

    Blood Bowl

    AVP: the hunt begins


    Now that i have written all that out, it seems a bit bonkers that i have that many game systems (and many more that i haven’t managed to paint things for so far).


    For next year my goal is to try to paint 500 minis in one year! We have just had our second child, so things are slowing down this year. I think i will only manage about 470 by the end of the year.


    Thanks for listening.



    Cult of Games Member

    top marks for achieving your hobby goal this year! still a month to go too!


    Cult of Games Member

    Thanks @lawnor for setting up things for next year.  I’m in again please 🙂 I’ve been doing this for a number of years now and always find the added focus and encouragement from the community on this thread very helpful.

    My usual pledge is to paint an additional 365 minis in the calendar year.  In 2018 I exceeded this by a fair way.  This year pesky work has got in the way a fair bit as I’ve been covering a management position so I’m behind target.  I should still get to 365 again with a push over the Christmas hols.  Hopefully next year things will calm down a bit and the work/life balance will tip a bit more to the life side again.

    I’m interested in getting some more table armies ready as I’ve got a few that never quite got finished.  I had to postpone working on Batman Gotham City Chronicles so they will also be prominent next year.  Other than that there are some boardgames that need minis like Kingdom Death and Blackstone Fortress that will hopefully also get done.  And then there are the rest of the Celts who look to number around another 300 ( I already have nearly 100 done).  The spanner in the works might be Solomon Kane which will have 177 miniatures and could deliver early in 2020 if they stick to the current schedule.

    Please add your pledges to the spreadsheet and join us in the mutual support group in 2020.


    2020 pledge

    • finish my 2019 pledge not finished by the end of Dec
    • paint my Raid on the Temple of Serpents army purchase – approx 80 foot/cav models, two huge monsters

    A significant decrease of model area focus as I’d like to keep a single large goal over so many small ones. The occasional single piece will break up the monotony of batch painting outside of these goals.


    Cult of Games Member

    I’ve made use of the Christmas down time to start work on my 2020 pledge.  Thats 2 Godtear warbands finished:








    Cult of Games Member

    I’ll join in again this year, but as I’m about to move house it’ll be a bit before I can solidly commit.

    For the moment I can say that I’ll want to get the following done:

    Elf Project
    Kingdom Death Monster
    Betrayal at Calth
    Conquest Magazine (at least the Marine half + scenery)


    Great start so far too @lawnor


    Cult of Games Member

    I’ll very hesitantly pledge to paint my Iberian Clash of Spears army, everything else will be a bonus



    Finish off: MB:P Rise of the Titans; Batman Gotham City Chronicles; Zombicide and Zombicide Green Horde; Joan of Arc.

    Start and Finish: AD 1666 and Joan of Arc Teutonic Expansion (depends when they get delivered)

    Happy New Year to everyone


    Cult of Games Member

    So my options for this year were:

    • Clear my model backlog (last cleared about 3 years ago)
    • Play through the Tainted Grail campaign (estimated 30 hours)
    • Play through the Arena The Contest campaign (estimated 40 hours)
    • Play through the Kingdom Death Monster campaign (estimated 200 hours)

    I normally only want one hobby related goal per year, but this time I’ve decided to go with clearing my model backlog and playing through tainted grail. If I can get into the habit of having one or two gaming evenings per week I can finish it in a few months then move on to Arena the Contest. Finally I can consider a second KDM play through with the unused expansions that I own which would run into 2021.



    Very new at all this but it seems fun, so…


    paint something every week and post photo’s for proof

    play a game of something before the summer

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