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    One more for the pledge:



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    I have been a bit slow in keeping updates done. With getting a £D printer I have now added “made” to the Bought list 😀

    Total’s coming into May are now:-  bought/made 165  painted 121

    Proget with photo’s is here



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    Gwynnead, by Klukva, with a printed TF base. That’s one more done. I’m off to start Reichbusters now.


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    I’ve painted the whole of Reichbusters and gotten some games in (its good, even solo).  That leaves me with 5 models left to go.  I may have to add to my pledge for the year.  More picks can be found here 6 posts down.

    end mission 1


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    I’ve been making some good progress with the painting but am miles behind with updates.  I’ve taken plenty of photos though so hopefully I’ll be able to get caught up a bit now.  Firstly then we have the Jaberwock and some elderly Eldar.

    Jabberwock front

    Eldar all

    As ever more shots available in my project:


    The B2 droids are finished, one more on my star wars pledge. Just the last big batch of B1 droids to go, and they are half done.

    B2 droids

    A new item on the pledge sheet though, my lockdown project: British vs Taliban.

    british built


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    One more towards the goal: Widow of Vengeance



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    I forgot to update here so here’s 5 months worth of “progress” in a single post.

    Pledge 1 – Paint it or punt it. This is going pretty well, I’ve cut down more than half of my collection and been pretty happy with the progress painting what is left. I have a project on the go for it here. I started the year with only 8% of my models completely painted and a collection of 1281 models. I am currently sitting with 631 models and 28.3% painted.

    Pledge 2 – make terrain. I’ve reworked this pledge a little to painting the terrain kits I own rather than creating from scratch. I’ve kind of come to the realisation that I just don’t enjoy making scratch built as much as I thought I would. I am stepping up on terrain a bit more now though as home gaming will come back before my club reopens.

    Pledge 3 – help more people into the hobby. Nope, Covid. I’m just going to drop this pledge at this point and also…

    Pledge 4 – get the confidence to go to a tournament/organised play game day event this year. Buh-bye pledge, see you in 2021 maybe

    Pledge 5 – Hobby for 30 mins a day for at least 25 days a month. This one has been an interesting pledge. I wouldn’t say it has been a success but I have been managing hobby on more days than I would have in the past. It is rarely less than an hour and often is two to three hours at a time. It has felt really good and so although not entire as designed, I’m happy with the progress.


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    Q2 report.

    If you count the little boxes I did for the kids, on spot on 21 minis, just according to plan for the quarter, I’m behind yearly plan after very poor January and February.


    Pledged to: paint 7 minis per month – see above…

    Pledged to: push myself on 5 minis this year, – 2 out of 5 is done, so quite on schedule,

    Pledged to: Finish terrain for my gaming tables started in 2019 – not finished, but pushed forward, on schedule,

    Pledged to: Not to buy a single miniature… – that didn’t quite work… but I bought less than I have painted, so that is my little victory.

    Pledged to: Not to take part in any Kickstarter – success (I subscribed to some Patrons intead).

    Pledged to: Take part in at least 2 hobby contests or challenges, – no changes here

    Pledged to: Learn new 3d design tool – I started Blender and mastered MS 3d Builder.

    Large pictures of my work are here: , and this is little family pic:Bez nazwy

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)

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