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    Fantastic stuff @lawnor.  Well done on being the first to “finish”.

    For me work has got in the way of hobby enjoyment over recent months as we’ve got quite a lot busier since Covid.  That has dried up my posting time but not my painting time.  I got an entire Polybian Roman army finished in the lockdown and have been working on quite a few other projects as well.  Current painted total stands at 468 miniatures so well over the 365 annual expectation.  I know I have to get some pictures uploaded but that is going to have to wait for a bit.


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    486???!!?  I was feeling chuffed with my new personal best of 359 and I still have 2 months left.  Thats an amazing achievement.  Well done.


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    Cheers dude 🙂 I’ve been trying to let go of some inhibiting factors to get a bit further with getting stuff finished.  Ultimately I prefer to have options and use painted stuff in-game and as I can’t seem to control the flow of models into the hobby space I needed to get better at painting stuff.  I’m still in a SABLE (Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy) situation but more output definitely makes me feel better about the lead mountain.  Hopefully well over 500 by the end of the year and if my plan to paint my Zulus 90% with my airbrush comes off then I could finish over 600 which would be my best year by far.

    Credit where it is due though without this thread over the years I’d probably not been able to keep improving year on year.  Knowing you and the other pledgers are here and are so supportive is great and gives me that extra incentive to keep picking up the brushes.


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    Im really glad this helps people.  One rule Ive tried to stick to over the years is that I always to to have painted more than I’ve gained that year.  As a metric it helps, and having all the numbers clearly laid out in front of me really helps motivate/guilt me.  I’ve reached a stage where I only have 57 unpainted models left when I have been drowning for years.  It helps that I’ve not had anyone to play since Covid started so theres no reason to buy other than to paint for funsies.

    If the zulus have a basic colour scheme and you’re not looking for studio level, then an airbrush can make fast work of a large number of similar models.  I somehow managed to paint 130 models for Reichbusters in 2-3 weeks this year because I broke them down in to 3-4 identical schemes, airbrushed all I could and stuck to simple schemes and techniques while bulk painting.  Hopefully you can do something similar with the zulus.  It helps if you have a load of trays to put minis on and space to scatter them around the house without anyone getting upset by minis being everywhere 🙂


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    Got more done in lockdown.  Posted most of it on Instagram and here:

    Did some rebasing:

    IMG_2094 (2)

    Then some Zulus with a super speedy paintjob:

    IMG_2095 (2)

    The rest hasw been Celts:

    IMG_2100 (2)IMG_2107 (2)IMG_2103 (2)

    That takes me to 533 for the year so far and I’ve got about 100 Zulus up next.  They are super quick to do so might get them done before year end as well.




    I thought this was pledges for the next year… so I deleted my entry and moved to the new one.


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    Cult of Games Member

    Thanks for setting up this list. It does help remind me through the year what I saw as priorities initially.

    I was able to complete a few of mine this year;

    Wolsung Alven Yard, Mantic Terrain Crate 1, MicroArts terrain, and two Burrows and Badgers gangs

    I have also started on the pile of Hasslefree minis and Terrain Crate 2 as well as picked up more Wolsung minis so I know where I will be starting the 2021 list.


    Cult of Games Member

    Its been good seeing a sudden flurry of posts here.  Nice to see people are still thinking about this and benefiting and doing some epic work, both in terms of quality and quantity.  I’ve just set up the thread and chart for 2021 so feel free to head over and think about your next pledges.

    There’s still a month left this year so there’s still time to make more progress on your current pledges.  I’m still hoping to cross the 400 model line this year for the first time ever.  Keep up the good work!


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    At the start of 2020 (happy days) I pledged to paint 500 miniatures in one year. Well, with 2 weeks to go I managed it! 500 minis seems like a lot, but I realise that I have actually bought more than 500 new ones, so actually the deficit is getting bigger.

    The 500th mini I painted was ‘Lord of the Jungle’ from Reapers Bones Black line. Here he is…

    Lord of the Jungle 500



    I very much enjoyed my challenge. despite all the lockdown drama this year it actually slowed my painting down quite a lot as I have been constantly busy throughout the whole storm of poop.

    Some notable games that I painted games for were as follows…

    Walking Dead miniatures game

    Crisis Protocol

    Mansions of Madness

    various D&D games

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

    Project ELITE

    Blackstone Fortress

    Deep Madness

    Hellboy the board game

    Night of the Living Dead

    Blood Bowl


    Thanks for reading.



    Cult of Games Member

    Thanks again Mr Lawnor for organising this; I fell in a bit of a heap ,id year as the pressure to keep doing my job remotely  and then playing catch up for August onwards bit hard. I did only small jobs for the end part of the year.

    I started well though and was happy with my progress. It is personally interesting that I seem to only be engaged with a game if I 1) am playing regularly (thanks to Jacko  , Baz and their fortnightly games to keep me on song with GW and Mantic) 2) am getting regular video updates, again Mantic (Ronnie is a treasure) and GW did this well , Privateer okay but not as well as the other two . Warcradle who had me in the palm of their hand lost me for lack of video bonding. They’ll get me back again they are good lads. 3) am likely to lose all interest entirely if a game I have put money into  is no longer supported overnight *cough* Steamforged games. All in all an “interesting year” which has had me parring back and focusing on fewer systems. And now as I finally get some free time I find myself slightly more focused.

    Thanks again for the spreadsheet Sir, it was a great reflection tool as I move on to my next projects and I look forward in focusing on stuff I want to do and not just stuff I have  and “should be doing”. As always this thread and the quality of everyone’s painting is an inspiration and I want to be part of this again next year. Who knows I might even repeat 2018 and get everything done 🙂



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    Well done to everyone who has been participating this year.  @ericridley I love the Lord of the Jungle, fantastic skin tones and some unearthly Yag-kosha vibes for sure.  So impressive to be able to get through 500 miniatures in a year to this standard.  Well done indeed.

    I’ve also passed the 500 mark for the first time.  Currently working my way through these Zulu regiments.  I’ve done the UmCijo and inGobamakhosi so far as follows:

    umCijo – Sharp-points

    umCijo frontumCijo rear

    inGobamakhosi – Benders of Kings

    inGobamakhosi frontinGobamakhosi rear



    Cult of Games Member

    Final minis completed in 2020 were two regiments of Zulus and a commander:

    IMG_2119 (2)

    iNdluyengwe regiment – Leopard’s lair:

    IMG_2114 (2)IMG_2115 (2)

    inDlondlo – Horned vipers:

    IMG_2117 (2)

    IMG_2118 (2)

    That’s all for 2020 and I’ve finished on 604 miniatures painted in the year.  I’m hoping to post a picture of everything tomorrow.  On to 2021 🙂


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    So lets see how well I did in 2020 given the manic year I had. we all had COVID and the end of the world several times over. I also changed jobs (not because of COVID) and moved house. it has been super stressful for me and the wife but we are finally in our new house and now redecorating and fixing everything in sight.

    Here was the list from the beginning of the year

    1. Sell minis i don’t use anymore. (anyone need imperial guard bits in various degrees of not complete)

    2. make more terrain. I seem to really enjoy this now

    3. sell my previously made terrain

    4. play some more modern combat games.

    5. paint or sell my star wars legion models that don’t get used as much.

    And here is the result

    1. Success, I sold my Warhammer 40k (guard,  marines and bitz box), boltaction, Star Wars legion odds n sods, Star Wars legion Droid army (from the bootcamp) and a whole table of terrain.
    2. failed, I didn’t make much terrain. did some, but not enough to call it a success I feel
    3. Success, sold loads of it and the items I experimented on with an airbrush donated to my F(not so local anymore 🙁 )LGS before I moved house
    4. haven’t managed to play many games this year because COVID so I’m not going to count this as a fail on my part. I did get a few in early in the year
    5. Success. My Legion painted:unpainted ratio is so much better now thanks to doing some painting and some selling. mostly  sold to be honest.

    The house move really lit a fire in me to get selling some unused stuff. when you have to pay to move it it makes it cheaper to get rid of it. In the end everything that I sold bought me a new MacBook Air as my previous computer was a good 12 years old in a dire need of putting out to pasture.

    So 3 success, 1 fail and 1 delay. Not a bad result I guess


    Cult of Games Member

    Q3 and Q4 report.

    Looks like I missed Q3 report altogether… To my defence I may say that late summer and early autumn were really tough for me, I lost motivation to do any hobby and was finishing summer school at the university. That situation affected my final achievements for the year as well. See below.


    Pledged to: paint 7 minis per month – I painted 63 minis and 9 pieces of terrain (not counting those which I only finished). Not Completed.

    Pledged to: push myself on 5 minis this year, – 5 out of 5. Completed.

    Pledged to: Finish terrain for my gaming tables started in 2019. Completed (in regard of Frostgrave, with little caveat – I have already bought new elements to put on that table in the future).

    Pledged to: Not to buy a single miniature… – Not Completed. I bought 50 physical minis and well over 150 .sts to print even more. A kind of silver lining in that is that I bought less physical models than I have painted.

    Pledged to: Not to take part in any Kickstarter – Not Completed. I actually took part in two, both for .sts, but it was f***ing Rocinante! I just couldn’t let it go, and since I took part in one I thought I may as well do second – the Printable Scenery one (for the Frostgrave table).

    Pledged to: Take part in at least 2 hobby contests or challenges, – Completed. I took part in Spring Cleaning Challenge, two Bromad Academy Infinity painting contests and one Mayacast Masterglass. Bromads gave me second place for one of those. On top of that I gained two Golden Buttons on BoW and was mentioned in Lockdown League episode.

    Pledged to: Learn new 3d design tool – Completed, MS 3d builder and I are best buddies now.

    All my work: ,


    Biggest highlight for me this year are oil paints. I love them and recommend anyone to try them out. Please see my project blog for more details or drop me a message, I’m happy to help


    And this is a patchwork of most of my minis from last half of a year:

    20210104-mosaic q3 q4

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