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    This year I’ve managed 216 painted models, and have (barely) managed to paint more than I’ve purchased (by 4 models). 2020 has been an exceptional year, so I doubt that I’ll manage to repeat that number in 2021, but I’ll aim for at least 150 painted models.

    I really want to stop the pile of unpainted models growing, so I also want to paint at least as many models as I buy in 2021.

    As for specific projects/goals:

    • Complete three more Napoleonic British battalions (highlanders, light infantry and hussars).
    • Start some Napoleonic French (at least a couple of infantry battalions, maybe some dragoons too).
    • Add some more samurai to my collection for skirmish games
    • Start another 28mm project. Not entirely decided what, but a likely either Pike & Shotte, Dark Ages or Ancients.
    • Get some more terrain sorted, probably focusing on some fields, buildings and roads.

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    Fairly new here so I’ll start by saying this is a great idea and it’s impressive you’ve kept it running this long.  So with that I’ll throw my hat in the ring and we’ll see how I do…

    1. (Covid willing) Get to my LGS for the first time and get some games of Infinity in

    2. Paint at least 20 models each of Nomads and Pan-O

    3. Expand my Yu Jing force by 10 models

    4. Paint up my existing Moonstone mini’s (12-15 I believe) using a less realistic paint scheme than I usually paint

    5. Paint up three feature pieces for roleplaying

    6. Paint at least one mini that has nothing to do with anything just for the fun of it

    7. Get more games in this year than last year (sadly not a high bar…let’s figure that means 10+)

    8. Keep OTT projects for all of these!!

    Well I think that will due for a start.  Only about 70 models or so which should leave time for other stuff and (hopefully) avoid my old bane of hobby burnout.

    Good luck and Happy New Year all!


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    I don’t think I made a 2020 pledge, I so utterly failed my previous year’s attempts, but towards the end of this year I have managed to paint most of my Hellboy boardgame (starter set) minis. As in, I’ve finished the frogmen and big frog monster; just have the four main characters to do. My goal was to paint everything I needed for the first main scenario.

    I’m hoping to actually get there before the end of 2020, but if I fail, finishing them will be my first 2021 goal.

    Other goals for 2021:

    Paint at least one Warhammer Underworlds Warband

    Paint the models in the main box of Altar Quest

    Make some of my Adeptus Titanicus minis – and preferably start painting them.

    Think I’ll leave it there for now, and try to come back and add to this if I’m able to make some progress.

    Good luck everyone!


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    This Christmas downtime has allowed me to get a big head start on my pledge (Especially as in 2020 Christmas may as well have been cancelled).  I’ve finished my Hundred Kingdoms and played through Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm.

    100man2menaa1noble lord3cav


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    Ready to try this again – and learned the lesson of not having goals related to playing with people or in public spaces this time 🙂

    1. Paint more minis than I painted this year (>155)

    2. Play a solo game at least once a week. I have so many I can play and yet they sit unloved while I play video games

    3. Run at least one other campaign alongside my D&D 5e game, preferably in a different system

    4. No new models before my birthday (June). I have more than enough to keep me going and picking things up for the sake of it is how I ended up with the pile of plastic that I spent most of last year whittling down.

    5. Finish painting the terrain kits I own – there’s not many of them, it’s daft they aren’t done.

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    Finish the projects I started last year.



    I don’t post here much anymore but I do like the Hobby Pledges. After trying this a few years and failing I decided to leave myself some more open ended goals this year that focus on increasing my painted : unpainted ratio and trying some fun challenges for myself to try new things. If anyone has ideas for some fun little painting challenges please suggest them. I just wanted an excuse to try some new things or force myself to do something a little different.

    Broad goals

    • Get to 40% miniatures painted (either by painting or selling)
    • Paint 50 miniatures
    • Finish painting the Necron half of the Indomitus box

    Fun painting challenges

    • Paint a larger than 28mm scale miniature
    • Paint a smaller than 28mm scale miniature
    • Paint a miniature that uses OSL
    • Paint a miniature in a monochrome scheme
    • Paint something inspired by a piece of artwork
    • one final challenge TBD (Ideas welcomed!!)
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    I haven’t got a massive pledge really just a very general one.

    It’s simply to paint and build what I have. Over the years I’ve amassed a huger collection of minis that have remained untouched. I’ll be happy if this year I just start building and painting anything from the collection. My aim is to pull random minis out of my collection and just get them done regardless of paintjob and build quality. I think over the years I’ve stopped myself for some reason, perhaps I’ve not thought my painting was good enough for the model or something, or maybe it’s a slight depression I’ve pushed down but now I think the time has come to really tackle the pile.

    I suppose in an ideal world I’d like to do the following list at the very least alongside tackling the pile generally:

    1. Get at least one FoW army fully painted. More than likely Germans but I’ve got US I could do as well.

    2. Get at least 2 BA armies fully built and painted, probably the Fall of Berlin army I’ve already got the minis for and the LRDG project which I’ve got a handful of minis for already as well but will need more purchases to finish.

    3. Get another LOTR army built and painted. I want to do an Ent army and with the new models coming out this year it seems a perfect time to do a small model count army. I’ve already got three Ents in preparation, 1 plastic and 2 metal. If i get those done I’ll allow myself to buy the new Quickbeam and Treebeard when they come out.

    4. I’ve a sizeable Legion collection unbuilt and unpainted. I’d like to get at least one army fully painted. More than likely Empire but I’d be stoked to also get my Rebels done as well.



    I’ve started work on my Warcry miniatures, but got another box in the post… Skaven… so another 31 minis I believe.

    Going to use the Warcry stuff as villains in the Soulbound campaign I’m hoping to start tonight. It’s a Skype game, so I don’t need minis, but I live in hope that Nurgle and his covid will be defeated this year.

    Also started on Shadow and Pain. Daemonettes look surprisingly adequate with just three colours of contrast paint on them. I’ll accept adequate for tabletop gaming purposes.

    I’d love to do a Morathi Shadowqueen miniature at display quality, but afraid I’d spend £60+ on a miniature that I would be ashamed to show people.


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    I’ve decided on a slightly different approach this year.  I’m still intending to paint at least one mini a day but I made great progress in cutting down the number of active projects last year from 70+ to 50 and would like to get this down to 40 this year.  Therefore I’m taking up a theme of “Finishing off” and will be focusing efforts on getting outstanding projects completed this year, including:

    Zulus and Rorke’s Drift defenders (77)
    Painiting the Scythe boardgame miniatures (35)
    Remaing LotR Rohirrim (53 foot and 2 mounted)
    LotR Mordor (59), Easterlings (37) & Haradrim (64)
    LotR Character display stand (Balin’s Tomb) (8)
    Guildball Butchers and Hunters (32)
    Travel Saga Saxons (27)
    RPG Stygians (60)
    Arthurian Cav (18)
    Grand total of 521 miniatures which is ambitious but achievable.

    Best of luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing the updates in this thread as we progress through the year.  Well done @lawnor for getting going so quickly and getting us all off to such a high quality start.


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    This year I plan to do slightly better than my 3/5 score from 2020.

    In 2021 I plan hope to do the following

    1. Build my new hobby lobby in our new house
    2. Build and paint the Ork army/force that I wanted as a kid but could never afford to make
    3. Paint my moderns, British army, Taliban, Afghan civilians and British Police, British civilians
    4. Finish printing and painting the Chimera spaceship
    5. build a nice diorama for the female guardsmen from 40emperor
    6. build something for the hastlefree Lara Croft mini I have. don’t know what, maybe a bookend that everyone seems to be making.
    7. Sell projects that’s won’t happen or are complete
    8. Paint my new house

    Cult of Games Member

    My intentions for 2021:

    Don’t get into any new systems

    Paint far more miniatures than I buy

    Paint regularly as a habit

    Finish painting:

    A carthaginian warband for saga

    A republican roman warband for saga

    My abyssal dwarf warband for kow vanguard

    My orc fleet for mantics armada

    My basilean fleet for mantics armada

    My crimson slaughter chaos marines



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    After relative failure of last year’s pledges, I’ll go easy this time.

    Since this year should (or not) see me recieving delivery of two Kickstarters of SF dungeon crawlers, that is Infinity Defiance and Mutant Chronicles (six years…), I’ll aim to:

    1. Paint all the player characters from both of them,

    2. After achieving first goal I’ll get to the bosses,


    Moreover, I’m going to:

    3. Paint more minis than I buy and print (excluding said Kickstarters),


    And as a final goal:

    4. Take part. In at least 2 challenges or competitions (hobby oriented of course).


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    Progress has been made:


    Force Grown Drones




    brute drones

    Brute Drones


    Cult of Games Member

    Zanshi from Yu Jing for Infinity


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